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Mixcity Inc KueIt! Hit at NAMM 2009

Published Jan 19, 2009
KueIt! Dj Software

Mixcity Inc.’s KueIt gives you the ability to access 310 audio clips for instant simultaneous playback at the touch of your fingertips.  It's as easy as a simple keyboard key stroke or the click of your mouse.  Create and store your own library of music clips, sound effects and jingles with ease.  KueIt’s user-friendly interface allows you to access audio files quickly, making it easy to create your own custom user profile in minutes.  KueIt is the only software on the market capable of giving you truly instant seamless playback of as many as 310 audio files played simultaneously from one computer.

Play files with zero delay.  Easily adjust your audio file in point & out point with non-destructive editing.  You even have the ability to setup loops in your audio.  Play a variety of different audio file types like MP3, MP2, WMA, & OGG.  Even high quality audio WAV & AIFF files.  Easily change the gain of your files independently from one another.  There’s no longer a need to record, load, or transfer files to a separate hardware sampler device.  KueIt’s functions allow you to play directly from the audio files already loaded on your computer.

KueIt allows you to have extreme flexibility.  Install it to a laptop for use while on the road, or install it on a desktop computer in your studio or control room.  Either way, KueIt gives you the ability to be extremely creative with instant playback of top quality audio files.  There are virtually no size or length limitations to the audio files that KueIt will play.  KueIt is only limited by the amount of hard drive and memory space available in your computer.  This gives you the flexibility to grow.  Don’t allow yourself to be hampered by a hardware device with limited audio storage space. 

Finding & playing audio clips is fast & easy.  KueIt allows you to create a profile that assigns audio clips to any of 38 different keys on your keyboard.  KueIt expands that number to 304 by adding 7 more banks of 38 keys each.  Once your profile has been created & saved, simply click the key associated with the audio file to play it instantly.  It is that easy.  KueIt’s user-friendly interface even displays the keys and title tags of the audio associated with each key.  Unlike many hardware playback devices, there is no need to remember which audio file is trigged by which key.  You also have the ability to customize and color your key tags to group your drops and simplify your play back experience. 

KueIt also allows you to expand past your keys & banks.  Used up all your keys?  Forgot to load a file and remembered in the middle of a show?  That’s OK.  With KueIt, you also have separate stand-alone players, that can be quickly loaded with audio, for instant playback.  There are 6 extra stand-alone players in KueIt.  Drag & Drop audio right to the stand-alone players, and then trigger with a shortcut key.

KueIt was designed for the serious DJ, producer, or broadcaster that demands highest standards from their equipment.  The easy yet reliable performance of KueIt makes it perfect for radio, nightclubs, TV, live concert, sporting events, and even school gymnasiums.  Anywhere that quality music, jingles, or sound effects are needed.  Don’t compromise the outcome of your event or broadcast.  Go with the system that works.  KueIt.

Minimum system requirements:
Mac: OS X (Tiger or Leopard), 1.8 GHz processor or higher, at least 1 GB of RAM, & 1 GB of available hard disk space

Windows: Windows 2000, XP or Vista, 2.0 GHz processor or higher, at least 1 GB of RAM, & 1 GB of available hard disk space

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