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iKEY Presents the RM3 SD player/recorder

Published Jun 27, 2010
ikEY RM3

The RM3 from iKEY is the first truly affordable single-space rack mount SD player/recorder!
It's ideal for a wide variety of uses: club and mobile racks, restaurants, houses of worship, schools, home studios, broadcasting, DJs and live musicians wishing to record their sets for later study, meeting & lecture halls... and any permanent install situation you can think of where handy & high-quality audio recording is needed.
After recording onto the SD card, you can transfer the files to PC either by connecting the unit to the computer, or removing the card and placing it into a card reader or your PC directly for editing. It can also record direct to a USB Flash Drive.
You can also transfer your own selection of MP3s or WAVs to SD card or USB stick, and play back this pre- recorded media on the RM3. The Jog Wheel allows for easy file searching.

The RM3 features:
- Vivid FULL COLOR LCD screen
- Records from any MONO or STEREO line source
- Records 16-bit/44.1 WAV files, or 128/256/320 kbps MP3
- Compatibility with up to 4 GB SD, or 32 GB SDHC cards
       (1 GB SD card included)
- Direct Recording to USB FLASH DRIVE (not included)
- JOG WHEEL for easy file search
- Adjustable Record Level with DIGITAL VU
- Front and Rear RCA inputs
- Balanced XLR and RCA outputs
- XLR/1/4" MIC Input (Rear Panel), and 1/4" MIC/LINE Input 
        (Front Panel)
- USB connection for easy file transfer
- 1/4" Headphone Jack with Rotary Volume Control
- Input Gain switch with 3 levels (-20, 0, or +10dB)

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