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Extensive new features announced with launch of DJ-1800 v3.0

Published Nov 21, 2007

DJ-1800 v3.0 launches today, with significant new features and enhancements to the acclaimed professional DJ software for Mac.

v3.0 delivers great new features including Pitch Lock and automatic BPM calculation, to enhance the experience for professional and bedroom DJs alike. In addition, v3.0 enables users to plug in an iPod and go - immediately making music on any iPod available to mix and play at a gig.

Dave Addey, CEO of DJ-1800 said: "This is a significant leap forward for DJ-1800. These new features deliver a superb experience, building on the rock-solid foundation which has established DJ-1800 as the tool of choice for professional DJs."

DJ-1800 version 3.0 also includes the following new features:

• Support for new controllers, including the PCDJ DAC-3
• New Setup Assistant
• Universal Binary for native Intel support

A fully-featured demo of DJ-1800 is available to download from www.dj1800.com, with the full version of v3.0 retailing at $80. Users who have previously bought DJ-1800 can upgrade to version 3 of the software for $20.

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