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Emulator Tablet and Multi-touch DJ Software

Published Sep 6, 2010

New software Emulator is developed by Chilean Pablo Martin and allows one to run software such as Traktor Scratch, Ableton Live, Deckadance, Virtual DJ, Serato and so on via touch screen devices and custom layouts.

This software is designed to work with tablet PCs. stand alone multitouch LCDs,  and rear projection touch screens.

The major problem with present touchscreen controllers is that you don’t have tactile feedback (you can’t feel with your fingers knobs, buttons, sliders etc etc), for that reason you need put your eyes all time on the touchscreen device for use the controller, and lose the focus over music software, with Emulator that problem is solved!

But what is EMULATOR?
Emulator is a multitouch MIDI controller (for windows 7, and YES…iPad software is in development),  software where you have everything you need on same screen and combines the power of multitouch, the usefulness of a standard mouse and the native interface of software to be controlled all in one nice and useful GUI.  The first Version 1.0 includes layout 100% compatible with Traktor Pro internal mode, future upgrades include Traktor exteral mode and new layouts for Deckadance, Virtual DJ, Ableton, Serato and many more.

This software runs under windows 7,   32bit/64bit;  and works on tablet PCs
with 12.1 inch screen (1280×800).
This was done because the big LCD multitouch screens available on the market aren’t really accurate and enough for pro usage; (optical sensors can) generate false touch, ghost touches, etc etc,  the only one really accurate and Pro system are the touch units from PQ Labs  1280×800 is perfect resolution for use with rear projection systems.

Here some pictures of  EMULATOR V1.0 running on HP TM2:


Global View of emulator layout for Traktor Pro


Playlist View – Oh yes! on Emulator you can access your playlist on Traktor


Keyboard View -  on screen keyboard allows you to search for that tune you
do not have on playlist.

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