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DJ World Studio ranked #1 paid-for App

Published Mar 28, 2011

Want to mix up a DJ storm anywhere with your iPad? Little Worlds Studio is turning up the heat with DJ World Studio, featuring everything you need to mix like a pro and throw a kicking party with only your iPad.
DJ World Studio puts you in complete control of the party, available from today on the AppStore priced $19.99

The low-latency DJ interface includes all the easy-to-use, responsive multi-touch mixing features you’d expect from a professional quality DJ application, alongside a bunch of innovative new tricks to take iPad DJ mixing to the next level.  And to bring the iPad DJ revolution to more people than ever, DJ World Studio is available in five languages at launch – English, French, German, Spanish and Italian.
The first trailer for DJ World Studio demonstrates how to use the core features of the application and showcases some of the great free tracks bundled with it.

CD & Vinyl Style Controls

DJ World Studio is the first iPad DJ application to combine vinyl and CD control styles, providing a flexible control interface to suit every DJ. The vinyl-style interface is designed for scratching, while the CD decks let you pitch bend effortlessly to produce seamless mixes, with instant switching between the two at the touch of a button.
Loops, FX and Live Remixing

The loop buttons automatically loop the track playing by 1, 2, 4, 8 or 16 beats, while the five preset effects – Echo, Reverb, Flange, Fade and Bass-Boost – let you instantly add another dimension to your music. Record your mix at the touch of a button, then load up the recording just like any other track and bring it back into the mix without missing a beat to create complex remixes on the fly.

30 Free Tracks and Track Import

To get you mixing in no time, the application comes bundled with 30 great tracks completely free, spanning garage, trance, house, breaks and more. DJ World Studio lets you import tunes from your iPod library, and also directly from any source, giving you complete flexibility.
Additional features

• Automatic tempo detection and beat-matching
• Pre-fade Cueing with headphones (adaptor required)
• Dual high and low frequency EQ controls
• Side-by-side dual audio waveform display for easier cue and mix
• Record mixes, then remix them live without missing a beat
• Cue point set and trigger
• Switch buttons for instant cross fade between tracks
• And much more…

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