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Cortex Rocks NAMM with HDC-01 & HDC-02 Dual Digital Music Controllers

Published Jan 23, 2006

Cortex, the new high-end music equipment company that specializes in bringing advanced technology to the DJ community, announced its inception at the Winter NAMM tradeshow in Anaheim, California. Cortex put its stake in the ground with the introduction of the HDC and HDTT digital music controllers, three new devices for the DJ market that will allow DJs and electronic musicians to manipulate audio files from any external USB compatible device, such as an iPod, external hard drive, CD-R drive, DVD-R drive or a USB memory key.

“Our mission at Cortex is to usher in new technology that will revolutionize the way DJs store, transport, and play their digital music,” said Jeff Handis, Director of Sales and Marketing for Cortex. “By recognizing the current need for a more efficient and versatile medium, our products will serve to transform today’s DJ into tomorrow’s DJ.”

The introductory line of Cortex products is composed of three control devices for digital music formats including MP3, WAV, CD-Audio and DVD-ROM. In addition, each unit is equipped with ultra-precise pitch resolution, front and rear USB ports with device selection menu and multifunction navigation keys. The HDTT-02 will also feature a touch sensitive S-Control (Scratch Control) Platter, giving DJs complete control over their digital files.

Cortex is a superior brand and we’re committed to producing valuable products for our core consumer

“Cortex is a superior brand and we’re committed to producing valuable products for our core consumer,” acknowledged Handis. “From our exclusive research and development teams to our manufacturing facilities that use premium-grade components, our goal is to enhance the music experience through innovations in technology and production of a superior product.”


Library Cataloging
Music libraries on compatible devices are automatically cataloged upon connection.

Search Options
The cataloging system gives you a number of browsing options, including Search by Artist, Song Title, and Genre.

Play Screen
The main playback screen displays all the essentials including artist, track title, time elapsed, and time remaining.

Song info
The user can get info on any track in the catalog, showing everything from artist and track title to the file format, genre, or length of the track.

Additional Features
File Explorer Mode
The file explorer allows users to browse through files and directories in the same way they would on a computer.

Storage Device Selection
When multiple storage devices are connected, different ports can be recognized at any given time through the device selection option.

Cue Point Management
Cue points are easily set and programmed to memory utilizing the front-located CUE button.

Performance Protection
Each digital music controller features protection from accidental shutdown or track interruption whsle playing.


System: Digital audio music control system

Frequency Response: 4Hz - 20kHz

Signal to Noise Ratio: > 1 1 OdB

THD: less than 0.01%

Power Requirements: AC 120V/6OHz (US) - AC 230-240V/50Hz (Europe)

Power Consumption: 30WOperating

Temperature: +5 degrees C - +35 degrees COperating Humidity: 5% - 90%

Dimensions: 19 x 5.2 x 3.6Weight : 6Ibs (3.6kg)

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