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Beatport Releases Integrated iPhone APP

Published Apr 15, 2010
Beat Port iPhone

Beatport announces the new Beatport iPhone application designed for DJs and fans of dance music on the go. The application delivers seamless integration with the customized features of beatport.com, allowing users to browse, and playback music on the go. The new app is available for free via the iTunes app store.

The new Beatport app allows users to access Beatport’s entire catalog of dance music and simultaneously listen to high quality audio previews. Users are able to discover and shop for music directly from their iPhone, eliminating the need to remember the name of “that one song you heard earlier”, allowing you to take action when inspiration strikes.

Jonas Tempel, CEO of Beatport explains, “We’re very excited with the launch of this iPhone app and to continue our expansion into the mobile internet." He continues, “We believe that this app will be extremely beneficial to DJs and fans alike. This app will, without a doubt, forever change the usage habits of our customers by exponentially expanding the ability to access and engage our global catalog of dance music.”  

With a focus on simplified design, this application puts purchasing, listening, and discovering music at your fingertips. Check featured releases, artist charts, genre specific top 100 lists, preview songs and much more.

In addition to the iPhone app, Beatport also offers “Beatport Mobile”, the newly optimized layout for www.beatport.com  when accessed by a mobile device. Beatport Mobile streamlines the use of the Beatport website from any mobile device, making it easy for users to enjoy the same features they are used to accessing from their PC or laptop. Both the iPhone app and Beatport Mobile are designed to increase the accessibility of music for those on the go. By allowing users to take advantage of every facet of the Beatport’s search engine from a cellular device, these releases take strides into the mobile music frontier.

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