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Virtual DJ 6.0 Released By Atomix Productions Inc

Published Jun 2, 2009
Virtual DJ 6.0

Atomix Produtions Inc, ( announced the release of Virtual DJ 6.0 ©, the latest incarnation of its blockbuster software package for Disc Jockeys. Virtual DJ 6.0 allows DJ's to professionally mix Audio, Music Videos, Karaoke files, and much, much more. Virtual DJ 6.0 is currently the 17th most downloaded software application, of all software available, at CNET's ©
"After a solid year of development, we're proud to announce this exciting and ground breaking release," says Andrew Van Almen, Atomix Productions General Manager. "Utilizing the power of the internet, Virtual DJ 6.0 greatly expands a DJ's content selection by providing real time access, to freely available content, found anywhere on the internet. Atomix Productions has also created the world's first social network exclusively for DJ's. This network gives DJ's real time access to data, information, and suggestions, not only via the web, but also from directly within the program during live performances. The system can even make recommendations on what to play next, based on what millions of others DJ's think, or, based on the data from the specific groups, that DJ is a member of, this is truly a game changer."

A few of the key features of this new innovative release are as follows; First, NetSearch. The idea is very simple: DJ's no longer need to limit themselves to media found on their local hard drives. If they have an internet connection, every time they search for media, it will of course show the matching files on their hard drives, but now it will also start to crawl the Internet, and try to find videos or mp3s available on the net that match the query. Second, is the new MusicGroups. This allows Virtual DJ users to show the world what they play. It allows the DJ to get together with others who share his/her musical tastes, create individual groups, and upload playlists to be displayed in Virtual DJ's community section. What makes this revolutionary is the fact that people can "subscribe" to the MusicGroups of DJ's, or groups they like. They will then receive personalized feeds directly inside Virtual DJ. The "feeds" are completely personalized, and depends on what kind of music you've been playing, and will give you advice on what people from the MusicGroups you subscribed to, would play next. This release also has a completely new controller support system. Virtual DJ 6.0 took a change in philosophy about how it handles controllers. What difference does that bring for day to day operations? Well, first, anyone can now easily modify the behavior of any controllers, as easily as you could modify a keyboard shortcut before. You can even assign powerful scripted action for every button. Second, it's now much easier to add a new controller, MIDI, HID or whatever, without having to wait for a new release of Virtual DJ. Each new controllers will have a "compatibility file" available from the download section before the controllers hit the market.

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