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Announcing Cross DJ 2.0 for iOS

Published Dec 12, 2014
Mixvibes Cross DJ-2 for iOS Main

Mixvibes ships today a major version of its iPad & iPhone DJ app, bringing in fresh graphics, a redesigned layout and an all-new waveform view. Each and every pixel has been redesigned with simplicity in mind. Cross DJ 2.0 is up for the task - in the true spirit of DJing.

Beautiful new interface.
Cross DJ for iOS new style is graphic and bold:

  • - new graphics: geometric shapes and clean textures have replaced gradients
  • - 2 main colors, consistent with Mixvibes graphic identity
  • - bold elements: bigger EQs, larger pads, full display of artwork on the decks

From a performance standpoint, the new interface brings those benefits:

  • - faster app runtime
  • - takes 2 times less space in your device: app size is 50% smaller
  • - scales harmoniously to iPhone 6 & iPhone 6 Plus’ screens

Hardware-inspired layout
Cross DJ for iOS layout has undergone some changes to offer an experience that is
closer to what you can get with traditional hardware equipment:

  • - mixer is visible all the time (only on iPad)
  • - each deck is independent, thanks to swipeable separate tabs
  • - pitch bend zone is bigger - and more accurate - than ever

Introducing Waveform view.
Hit the sync meter to access this stunning new view. It allows not only better music
visualization, but also greater control with:

  • - pitch-bend mode for nudging. Turn it off to scratch the waveform!
  • - ultra-accurate pitch sliders
  • - beat grid editing made simple: double or halve BPM with 1 button (iPad only)

Bonus: Numark IDJ Live 2 is now supported

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