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CMP Radio - More Variety. More Of The Time.

Published Oct 29, 2003

What is CMP Radio?
CMP Radio is the very first radio station of it's kind, allowing anyone from anywhere in the world to broadcast for free. Our main objective is to give everyone an equal opportunity to become a DJ / Presenter from their own home. If you've always wanted to venture into the radio industry, but never had the chance to get started, CMP Radio gives you that chance - and there is no charge to do so! CMP Radio is a fully licenced UK Internet Radio station broadcasting 24 hours a day.

Why CMP Radio?
The idea first came about when managers Chris Moses and David Moses were looking for something new. They felt the Internet, or more importantly the Radio was lacking something.
If you take a step back, and look at most Radio Stations the only thing that differs is perhaps the Genre of music. What else could be differant? ... Well it's the presenters!
Thats what CMP Radio concentrates on more then anything else. Giving presenters who could and more than likely will go far, a chance to get started, with ease. We monitor each broadcaster on CMP Radio to find their "Entertainment Value" If the listener feedback about a particular broadcaster is good, we will award the broadcaster appropreately. This will give the broadcaster confidence and slowly produce better and better shows. In a sence, CMP Radio could be known as a "School For Presenting" and at the same time, helping out other Radio Stations looking for presenters. It's an excellent way to put together a demo or CV of all that you have achieved, during your time on CMP Radio.

How Does CMP Radio Work?
CMP Radio works on a scoring system. We listen to feedback about individual broadcasters to monitor their progress. CMP Radio enables you to gain valuable experience in hosting and presenting your own radio show, without the need to prove your skills first. There's no need to build up your own listener base or advertise your own station, just become a member of the CMP community and we worry about all that for you.
When you first register with CMP Radio, you will be given "Bronze" membership status. There are 3 membership states:
Bronze Status (Level 1)

A maximum of 2 one hour shows are allowed per week and they must be booked online.

Silver Status (Level 2)

A maximum of 4 one hour shows are allowed per week and they must also be booked online.

Gold Status (Level 3)

Permanent status; you will have unlimited show bookings per week that can be booked online or via our programming team.
Most (if not, all) shows broadcast on the CMP network, are monitored by our programming and management team. They will be looking at the quality of presenting from show to show, and will decide if and when to raise (or lower) a member's status. Remember it's quality, not quantity of your shows that matters!

How do I become a presenter on CMP Radio?
Take a visit to our schedule section and find a free slot to book your show. All you need to do then is fill in your username, password and show details to complete the booking. Confirmation will be sent to your inbox, and then all you need to do is turn up for your show - it's really that simple! All you need is your wish to be a DJ - and you will need a PC of reasonable specification with an internet connection of 56kbps or higher. You will also require a microphone and some music; of course, if you have more DJ gear than this - then you are all set!
Your time slot can vary from week to week, so there are no perminant slots.
All software and technical information is explained fully on our website, and our team of helpers will assist you should you get in a muddle.

Management Team
James Dean - Sales/Commercial Director
Daniel Hoult - Head of News
Chris Moses - Station Manager
David Moses - Station Manager
David Moses - Programme Director

Contact Information:
General Enquiries:
E-Mail: studio@cmpradio.co.uk
Tel: 07092 33 15 44

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