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X Marks The Spot A Review Of The American DJ X-Series of LED Lighting

Published Aug 5, 2009
American DJ X-Move LED

The trend to go green is now mainstream and some DJs are really benefiting from it in ways they would never think about, the entrance of LED lighting into the world of dance clubs and DJing. For DJs, LED par cans and washes have been at an obtainable price point for years now, but the LED intelligent moving heads were always out of reach for most. The first attempts at producing an affordable LED powered moving head were less than successful. When you viewed them on display, they were most always set five to six feet off the ground so they appeared to be bright. When you placed them in a real world application they failed to produce Not anymore. American DJ, a company that has pioneered DJ lighting for decades, finally was able to bring the quaility of high-end, low power, LED intelligent moving heads and scanning lights to a pricepoint that is more than affordable to the mobile DJ. They call it the X-series.

We took two of their LED fixtures, the X-move LED and the X-scan LED on the road with us for the last few months and put them through their paces up next to some stiff competition, the a couple of intelligent scanning lights with 250 watt discharge lamps! At first we thought how can an LED light that only draws 44 watts of power stand up to a light that takes over three times the power? Then we plugged it in.

Surprisingly both the X-scan LED and the X-move LED kept pace with the discharge bulb fixtures. Comparing brightness, the X series was on par with that of the other fixture and the controllability of both lights was as easy, if not easier, thanks to the push button setup panel on the X-series. During initial DMX setup, it took three times as long to setup the dipswitches on the older fixtures, then we had one of them wrong. The X-series allows you to see exactly what address you are set on and you can change it with a push of a button.

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Equiped with 8 gobos, 8 colors, strobe and a number of effects they are lights that you wont grow tired of soon. Both of these units will operate in stand alone Master/Slave mode and will give you a nice show that moves and changes to the music, but we suggest you look into DMX, which is the only way to go.

mall in size and weight, these lights have a rugged appearance and make a nice addition to our light show. As we phase out the power-eating lights, we hope to add more of the X-series to our lineup. We can’t wait to see what American DJ does next!

None that I could find other than I wish I had a pair of each.

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