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X-Laser™ Partners With LaserWorld, Switzerland

Published Dec 14, 2009


X-Laser is proud to announce a new partnership with LaserWorld of Switzerland to introduce two new lines of Class IIIB and IV laser products to the North American market. Having been debuted at LDI 2009 in Orlando, FL, the new NOCTURNE LASER lines use LaserWorld’s existing IEC compliant chassis and optical sub-assembly designs specifically modified for the United States market to achieve a fully FDA compliant laser product with finish manufacturing, QC/FDA certifications, testing and service to be performed at X-Laser’s facility in Laurel, Maryland.

Drawing upon decades of optical and electromechanical innovations, the new NOCTURNE lasers will surely be ranked among the world’s most user friendly and safest high powered laser systems. With planned system powers ranging the full spectrum from 50 milliwatts up to an unbelievable 40 watts, supra-compliant safety features will combine with state of the art electro-optical systems to produce the finest, affordable, safest, high powered laser projectors the world has ever seen.

Dan Goldsmith, President of X-laser USA, said “LaserWorld is known throughout Europe for excellence in laser system integration and we are thrilled to bring our manufacturing and US compliance expertise to the table to make such an exciting new series of products. Over the past few years the X-Laser brand has grown tremendously as designers, installers and mobile entertainers alike have embraced our passion for quality and service. Very soon the market will see how we are continuing that tradition into the higher powered laser class and we are looking forward to releasing a series of case studies for the high profile installs already performed with X-Laser projectors and Nocturne projectors planned for early 2010.”

The first dozen models of Nocturne Laser’s Elite and Ultimate series were introduced at LDI Orlando in November and will begin shipping almost immediately. A current market analysis places the pricing of the new projectors at up to 50% lower (depending on the model) than current US market rates for FDA certified projectors.
Looking forward, a retrofit program is on the drawing board for bringing EU LaserWorld models already in the United States into full compliance with 21CFR 1040 and other relevant regulations thus making them eligible for US licensing.

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