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TRUSST Introduces New Line Of Scrim

Published Apr 23, 2015

With a growing number of DJs, mobile entertainers and event producers wanting to make their shows more professional looking, trussing manufacturer TRUSST has this advice for them: go “under cover.” The Florida-based company, a brand of Chauvet, has come out with a new line of fabric TRUSST Scrim designed to cover trussing of different sizes, as well as tripod stands and X-stands, to provide a neater, more polished appearance to stages and DJ booths.

Made of an attractive white fabric, TRUSST Scrim will not only conceal unsightly cables and cords for a much cleaner look – it can also be become a scenic element in its own right when used with uplighting.  Different colors of lighting can be cast onto the fabric to create unique décor pieces coordinated to match any event or show and add excitement and drama for guests.

“Many of today’s entertainers and event companies have taken the first step toward putting on a more professional-looking show by using truss for mounting their lighting and audio gear,” said Kenny Miller, Product Manager for TRUSST.  “The next step, if you really want to become a ‘pro’s pro,’ is to add scrim covering to your trussing -- this will give your show an even more sleek, polished look.

“You can also create spectacular colored columns by uplighting truss structures covered with scrim,” added Miller. “Or in the case of scrim-covered tripods and X-stands, you can turn them into uniquely-shaped set pieces by illuminating them with colored light.  We have TRUSST Scrim products available to fit a variety of different truss sizes, as well as the types of stands typically used by DJs and entertainers.”

The TRUSST Scrim line includes five products:

CT-SC20W – 2.0 meter scrim to fit TRUSST and conventional 12”square box truss

CT-SC25W – 2.5 meter scrim to fit TRUSST and conventional 12”square box truss

CT-SC30W – 3.0 meter scrim to fit TRUSST and conventional 12”square box truss

CT-SCDUO -- tripod scrim designed to mask two sides of a tripod stand, leaving the third side

                        open for easy access to adjustment knobs and cable routing

CT-SCX -- scrim designed to fit conventional X-stand with access openings for cable routing

Rugged and affordable, all TRUSST Scrim products are made of a strong fire-retardant stretch fabric for safety and long-term durability.  Additionally, all products have upscale quality features built into their design, such as double-stitched seams for extra strength and added elastic sewn into their ends to prevent slippage.

Despite these premium “extras,” TRUSST Scrim products are extremely competitively priced, making them perfect for DJs, entertainers and independent event companies.  As an added value feature, all products include a zippered carry bag for convenient transport and storage.

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