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Three American DJ Accu Series Moving Heads Receive ETL Approval

Published May 24, 2007

American DJ has announced that three moving head fixtures in its flagship Accu Series have been given ETL approval. The Accu Spot 300, Accu Spot 250 II and Accu Wash 250 have been awarded the prestigious ETL seal, an internationally recognized standard of safety and professionalism.

ETL certification is based on very strict criterion, and is granted only after rigorous testing of a product and its manufacturing facility. The Accu Spot 300, Accu Spot 250 II and Accu Wash 250 had to pass stringent safety inspections to qualify for this top industry accreditation.

“We are quite pleased that our Accu Spot 300, Accu Spot 250 II and Accu Wash 250 were judged to be in compliance with this benchmark of industry professionalism,” said Scott Davies, General Manager of the American DJ Group of Companies. “ETL approval signifies that a product is built to the highest quality standards and that it is completely safe to operate.

“The Accu Spot 300, Accu Spot 250 II and Accu Wash 250 are part of our top-of-the-line Accu Series, and we have always believed them to be on par quality-wise with the very best products out there,” added Davies. “Now that they are ETL-rated, our customers can be totally assured that this is the case.”

As a result of their certification, the Accu Spot 300, Accu Spot 250 II and Accu Wash 250 should find a wider market, most notably among staging and club installations where ETL approval is required. The three Accu Series products can offer mid-size clubs and other professional lighting users a great money-saving value, because although meeting ETL standards, they are priced below many similar products with comparable features.

The Accu Spot 300 and Accu Spot 250 II are extremely bright 250-watt discharge intelligent moving heads, each featuring 9 colors plus white and 7 gobos plus spot (including 2 glass gobos) on independent color and gobo wheels. They offer convenient user features like Remote DMX Addressing and a 4-Button DMX Menu. The Accu Spot 300 includes auto focusing via DMX and a rotating 3-facet prism with macros. Both units are fully automated fixtures with 360° pan and 265° tilt, capable of sweeping their brilliant effects across an entire venue.

The Accu Wash 250 is a 250-watt discharge moving head color wash effect with 7 vibrant colors plus white. It features a 19° PC lens for smooth washes of color and a fast shutter for great strobing in every color. Capable of a full rotating 360° pan and 265° tilt, the Accu Wash 250’s quick, seamless X/Y movement, smooth 0-100% dimming and high-power output make it the ideal color wash for club and staging applications

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