Sep 29, 2023

The New Robe Color Spot AT

Published May 21, 2004

Robe's ColorSpot 250AT builds on their successful ColorSpot 250 XT. ColorSpot 250 "Advanced Technology" is the ColorSpot range luminaire for applications requiring smaller and more discreet lights.

Although small and light, high-efficiency optics, all designed and manufactured in-house, ensure the fixture is exceptionally bright for its size. The ColorSpot 250's streamlined new shell design follows the same style as the larger ColorSpot 1200 AT.

ColorSpot 250 is packed with features, including a new rotating gobo wheel with seven replaceable "SLOT & LOCK" dichroic glass gobos and open, and a new color wheel hosting 10 replaceable "SLOT & LOCK" colors plus open. The three-facet rotating prism is now also replaceable for full flexibility.

Completely new software enables smooth rotations of both gobos and prisms, and either 8- or 16-bit resolution can be used for gobo and prism indexing, color precision, focusing and dimmer functions. The improved cooling system ensures better operating conditions for lamp and simultaneously reduces noise. For more information, visit

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