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Take Part in the LEDko Challenge!

Published Jul 31, 2012

The countdown is now well and truly running to August 17th 2012, the final submission date for the White Light-Coemar LEDko Challenge - a chance to win a package of Coemar’s acclaimed, innovative, efficient Reflection LEDko LED lighting fixtures.

Reflection LEDko is an LED lighting system designed to replace familiar existing lighting tools - framing profile spots, and Fresnel or PC washlights - with a new LED equivalents that behave as the older lanterns do while enjoying all of the advantages LEDs bring, particularly energy efficiency, long, reliable working life and the ability to operate without the need for external dimmers.

LEDko offers a choice of three light sources and three optical systems that can be combined as required. The light sources start with LEDko White 3200K, which gives a high-output fixed white that can be coloured using conventional means. LEDko VariWhite 3000/7000K offers a white output that can be adjusted to give just the white you require. LEDko Full Spectrum offers the ability to mix the colours you need and change colour live during the show without having to swap gel or deal with scrollers; LEDko’s at-source colour mixing also eliminates the multiple coloured shadows found with many other LED fixtures.

The optical systems are the Reflection Soft 12/30 degree F, a Fresnel equivalent, the Reflection Soft 12/30 degree PC, a PC equivalent, and the Profile Zoom 18/40 degree HD, offering the sharp edge of a profile spotlight. All three optical systems offer shutters to give beam edge control, with the Profile Zoom providing sharp shuttering as well as gobo projection - even using plastic gobos printed on your own printer. LEDko can also be used with many existing lenstubes from other popular spotlights.

Coemar and its exclusive UK distributor White Light have teamed up create the LEDko Challenge, which will supply a suite of LEDko technology to the venue judged most in need of a technological update. The Challenge offers the chance to win six LEDko fixtures, in any combination of light source and optical system to suit the winner’s needs.

To enter the LEDko Challenge, simply submit a short video showing your outdated lighting package, along with an explanation of how the Coemar LEDko fixtures will benefit you and your venue in day to day use. Submissions must be received by August 17th 2012, either at White Light’s page on Facebook ( or by post to White Light.

The Challenge will be judged by staff from White Light and Coemar, with the winner of the LEDko rig being announced at PLASA 2012 in September.

Full details of the LEDko challenge can be found at Coemar’s Facebook page,

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