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RTI PIKO RGB 11 Pure Diode Laser Light System

Published Nov 4, 2014
Laser World RTI PIKO Front

Laserworld announces the release of the new RTI PIKO RGB 11 Pure Diode as laser light system for high professional applications

The PIKO RGB 11 PD has a guaranteed output power of 10W RGB after aperture and is equipped with diode laser sources only. This ensures a great, linear color fading behavior and makes the unit perfect for professional projections as well as for smooth beam shows. The compact PIKO-housing makes the PIKO RGB 11 PD great for touring applications, rentals as well as for fixed installations.

Laser World RTI PIKO Back

Due to the great beam specifications of ca. 4mm/<1.0mrad (full angle) it is possible to use small scanner mirrors on the Pangolin ScannerMax 506 Galvos (Standard ScannerMax, optional XScan are available at no extra costs) and thus reduce inertia – which allows for very good scan rates with 35kpps@8° ILDA.

The Pure Diode setup consists of diode array modules “Made in Germany” by RTI: >2.4W/638nm, >3.0W/520nm, >6.0W/450nm. These diode array modules are very accurate and durable and allow for very high alignment precision.

Like all RTI PIKO units, the PIKO RGB 11 PD comes with detachable remote control touch pad for easy remote configuration of the laser system.

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