Apr 13, 2024

Pulsar expands ChromaRange

Published Sep 16, 2004

Pulsar's ChromaRange has been expanded to include a total of 17 MR16-sized LED fittings to provide a high level of design flexibility. Up to 60 MR16 ChromaRange units can be driven from a single ChromaZone. The new ChromaMR16 Heart further increases the flexibility of the ChromaRange, as it allows for the use of MR16-type low-cost standard fixtures. This new ChromaMR16 Heart features 18 high-power LEDs and is supplied with 3m of lightweight ChromaFlex cable.

17 different enclosures available to provide an unbelievable level of design flexibility. Up to five MR16 Hearts can be used on each output of the ChromaZone, allowing the use of up to 60 units from a single ChromaZone! An optional five-way splitter available, as is an an optional pin mounting kit available for enclosures that use the GU5.3 pins to support the MR16 module.

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