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Perfect Wedding: American DJ X-Color LED GP

Published Apr 20, 2009
American DJ X-Color Gobo

The wedding season is fast approaching, and there are few better ways to dress up your wedding gigs than with some well placed gobos. American DJ has come up with something special for you to use when wooing wedding parties; the X-Color LED GP.

The next step in our popular X-LED Series, the new light has a 20W LED that is so powerful, its hard edge beam can project through color wheels and gobo wheels to open new creative possibilities for mobile entertainers. For example, you can use this LED's gobo power to project the bride and groom’s names on the walls or dance floor. So get ready to say “I do” to one of the coolest new fixtures around, a light that combines the best of LED technology with the fun and personal touch of gobos.

As part of the X-LED Series, the new X-Color LED GP has several cool features in common with its cousins. Its 20-watt white LED is so powerful, it produces an output similar to a 250-watt halogen lamp, but it consumes only 31W of power.  In typical LED fashion it also has a very long life (50,000 hour rated), consumes very little power and runs extremely cool; there are no duty cycles, the light can run all night.

American Dj X-Color Gobo2
American Dj X-Color Gobo2

Then there are those wonderful, razor-sharp LED beams that allow the light to shine through color wheels and gobo patterns, making this amazingly affordable fixture a DMX color spot and gobo projector in one package.  There is one replaceable gobo pattern (22.5mm; Viewable size: 17mm) included in the fixture. It also has three DMX channels (Color, Dimmer and Strobe), a 4-button menu system, and 3 operational modes.  Featuring 8 colors, plus white, the unit utilizes DMX-512 protocol, but it can also be sound activated.

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Other features of the X-Color LED GP include an audio sensitivity knob, a 13 degree beam angle, a manual focusing lens, a strobe effect and an auto sensing feature which determines voltage when power is connected.

Ideal for mobile entertainers, clubs and bars, the unit is great for projected light in venues where  fog cannot be used. Compact and lightweight (2.4 kgs.), the light lends itself to a wide variety of applications.

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