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Published Dec 15, 2014
Omni Sisten PyroFog Pro
Omni Sisten PyroFog Pro


Pyrofog Pro Adds Vibrant Twist to Popular DF-V6

OmniSistem has taken their widely popular DF-V6 Pyrofog and added 21 3W RGB LEDs to create a multicolored vertical pyro effect. This upgrade also comes with a new look – new housing and a strapped in 2.5L liquid reservoir. The Pyrofog Pro packs a punch with fog output at 20,000 cubic feet per minute. This fogger can be controlled via included wireless remote or DMX (8 Channels). Use multiple units to create a color chasing effect with fog – a great way to WOW your audience! OmniSistem recommends only using high quality, water based fog or haze liquid, such as OmniFog or OmniHaze, in the Pyrofog Pro.

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