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New Versa Hinge From TRUSST

Published Feb 25, 2015

Whatever type (or types) of truss you’re using to build your rig, chances are the new Versa Hinge from TRUSST will be able to do the job.  That’s because the unique Versa Hinge can work as a corner connector for square or triangular conical truss as well as standard 12” bolt plate truss, making it one of the most versatile hinges in the industry.

This exclusive compatibility with multi styles of truss gives lighting/staging installers unprecedented speed and convenience in setting up their rigs, noted Kenny Miller, Product Manager for TRUSST.  “The Versa Hinge is a real game changer in that it eliminates the hassle of having to carry around different hinges – or reaching for a hinge, only to find it’s not compatible with the truss you’re using.  With just this one versatile hinge in your arsenal, you can connect the corners of virtually any truss you’re building your rig with -- which is why we call it the Versa Hinge,” said Miller.

The Versa Hinge also lives up to its name in that it offers the flexibility to connect truss sections at a wide range of angles -- from 0°-180°.  It features an integrated built-in arm that makes it easy for users to set and lock the desired angle – another quality feature that sets the Versa Hinge apart from most other hinges

Quality is also built into the Versa Hinge’s robust construction. Made of 10mm thick 6061 T-6 aluminum, with a fully welded assembly crafted by SLV-certified welders, it’s built to withstand years of rugged road use.  At the same time, the Versa Hinge is very lightweight -- just 18.6 pounds (8.5 kg) -- making for easy transport and setup.  It measures 11.42 x 11.42 inches (290 x 290 mm) and has a plate thickness of 0.39 inches (10mm).

The Versa Hinge is compatible with all TRUSST CT-290 truss products, as well as other brands of truss with conical connectors. It comes with 8 conical connectors, 8 spigots and 8 cotter pins.

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