Dec 7, 2023

New Reflex 300 Dual Moonflower Effect Gets Brighter and Better

Published Jul 1, 2004

Mobile DJs who play night after night often need to rely on their reflexes to perform at their peak and put on consistently great shows. And American DJ has developed one such reflex that DJs can always count on to push their performances over the top: the new Reflex 300.

An updated version of American DJ’s popular Reflex dual moonflower effect, the Reflex 300 uses two high-powered 150-watt lamps to create significantly brighter, more vibrant colors as it bounces, bends and reflects an array of beams from its twin scanning mirrors. At a suggested retail price of only $219.95, the highly affordable Reflex 300 not only creates more excitement on the dance floor at neighborhood clubs—the additional wattage makes it suitable for larger venues as well.

An ultra-modern, high-tech case joins together the two moonflowers of the Reflex 300. Two rotating mirrors—one on each side of the unit—reflect light beams from the 150-watt lamps and project “twin” multi-dichroic color patterns over a wide area. The beams themselves rotate to the beat of the music, resulting in even wilder pulsating movement.

Another major improvement in the Reflex 300 is that it has no duty cycle and can run continuously all night. A high-velocity fan whisks heat away from the unit, so there’s never any need to shut the Reflex 300 off and wait for it to cool down.

“The Reflex 300 is brighter and more dazzling than ever before,” said Scott Davies, general manager of the American DJ Group of Companies. “Like the original Reflex, it’s really two moonflowers in one, enhanced by the dual movement of rotating light beams and rotating mirrors. With a sleek-looking case and the ability to run all night, the Reflex 300 truly represents the next generation of moonflower effects.”

The Reflex 300 includes a 3-position FX switch that gives users the option of operating the unit in either sound-active, static or continuous rotation mode. This versatile feature lets DJs and clubs tailor the brilliant dual-moonflower effects to suit any occasion.

The Reflex 300 comes with a built-in circuit breaker that eliminates the hassle of having to fuss with fuses. Plastic molded end covers help protect the exterior of the fixture.

The Reflex 300 measures 16.5”L x 14.5”W x 14.5”H. Lightweight and compact for easy mobility, the unit weighs just 11 lbs. The suggested retail price of the Reflex 300 is $219.95.

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