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New Martin by HARMAN VDO Sceptron Linear LED Fixtures Meld High Creativity with Ease of Use

Published Mar 22, 2016
VDO Sceptron Linear LED Fixtures
VDO Sceptron Linear LED Fixtures

The Martin by HARMAN VDO Sceptron 20 and VDO Sceptron 40 are the newest additions to the popular series of linear, outdoor-rated LED video and lighting fixtures. Perfect for the rental and installed markets, these fixtures are available with 20 mm and 40 mm pixel pitches, with an extensive range of optical accessories for a wide variety of video and lighting looks. The VDO Sceptron 20 and VDO Sceptron 40 are driven by the Martin P3 System controllers for easy configuration, mapping and setup, with no external components required. These fixtures are also backward compatible with DMX controllers for smaller setups.

These rugged, waterproof, versatile and easy-to-use fixtures also offer integrated power and data cabling connectivity for easy, long daisy-chain configurations with many fixtures per cable run. As an added measure of convenience, power supplies can be located backstage (up to 50 meters away), for a clean setup avoiding messy cabling and multiple driver boxes.

“What began with the VDO Sceptron 10 has quickly developed into a suite of products with tremendous versatility,” said Wouter Verlinden, International Product Manager for LED Video at HARMAN Professional Solutions. “All addressing is done by the P3 System controller automatically, making it easy to create a layout and map video onto it. It’s the perfect creative tool for lighting and set designers.”

With an extensive range of field-exchangeable optical accessories that offer a wide variety of looks, the VDO Sceptron is one of the most versatile and touring-friendly LED video solutions available, and is currently on tour with multi-platinum, Grammy-award winning band Mumford and Sons, and many others. The VDO Sceptron’s optical accessories—including diffusers in various shapes and lenses for narrow beams—can be exchanged in the field without tools. A dedicated wall-washing lens allows the VDO Sceptron to be evenly lit when placed against a set piece. The fixtures are also fully pixel-level, color and brightness calibrated, ensuring consistency between fixtures and pixels for optimal image quality.

For permanent outdoor installed applications, such as media facades, Martin offers a sister-series to the VDO Sceptron, the Exterior PixLine. This family of products offers the same advantages, but is optimized for the challenges of 24–7 outdoor installations.

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