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New from American DJ at NAMM

Published Aug 2, 2007

Despite a relatively low turnout at the summer NAMM show in Austin, the American DJ booth was jammed with interested dealers thanks to an exciting new array of LED products. The new offerings range from LED versions of classic lights like the Jewel and Vision to high impact color bars. Here are some of the highlights.

· The Jewel LED is an LED version of the classic moonflower effect. It features an output similar to a 100W halogen lamp with 47 sharp red, green, and blue high output colored beams.

· The Vision LED features an output similar to a 400W halogen lamp with 26 large, sharp red, green, and blue high output colored beams. It can be operated as a sound active light show or as a DMX effect.

· The Revo Scan LED, a flat mirrored scanner, has an output comparable to a 250W halogen lamp, with 52 total red, green, white and blue LEDs. There are three operation modes: Master/Slave, Sound active, and DMX. The Revo scan has 4 DMX channels with a four button LCD display and is linkable via XLR connections.

· The Mega Bar is a color bar with 252 red, green, and blue LEDs that create a very smooth color field with fast or slow color change operation. It features five different operational modes: Program, Auto, Sound, Master/Slave, and DMX. There is a four button digital display on the back and an AC outlet to daisy chain power.

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