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New CHAUVET DJ Motion Orb Adds “e-MOTION-al”

Published Dec 8, 2014
Motion Orb

Mobile entertainers, bands and clubs can add more e-MOTION to any scene with the new Motion Orb from CHAUVET DJ. A versatile décor effect, the Motion Orb transforms parties, dances, and other events with its dazzling string of 55 individual RGB pixel-mappable, color-changing and strobing LED orbs.


Available in standard 2-meter length strings, but expandable to 3 meters and 4 meters  with optional extensions, the Motion Orb can be hung like a curtain, draped across walls and over entrances like an LED banner or strung on ceilings to add an extra dimension to any room and create a more exciting and memorable look.


“This is a great complement to any lightshow, because of the extra decorative element it adds to a room,” said Nick Airriess Product Manager for CHAUVET DJ. “Part of the beauty of the Motion Orb is its flexibility. You can hang it, control it and use it in so many different ways. For example, you can pixel map each orb individually, or you can use the built-in effects, including the popular ‘LED rain’ effect.  You can strobe it and you can create chase scenes; this versatility really helps DJs convey their own vision for the look they want to give to an event.”


The Motion Orb comes with a variety of 30 built-in effects, and it allows users to create custom colors easily from the display without a controller when using the unit in its standalone mode. A variety of sound activated programs can send chases and color changes dancing across walls and ceilings to the beat of the music.  In Master/Slave mode, color changes and chases can be expanded across three Motion Orb products for a wall full of coordinated patterns.   When operated in DMX mode, the Motion Orb can be pixel mapped.


Adding to the versatility of the Motion Orb are the built-in hanging rings at the bottom of each string. The durably constructed product attaches easily to most trussing systems using 10mm and 12mm treaded bolt holes. A stylish custom gear bag comes with each Motion Orb for easy transport and storage.


“As a DJ myself, I’m excited about the Motion Orb,” said Airriess. “When you perform, you always want every event to stand out and be special for everyone involved. The Motion Orb gives you a unique tool to create that unique look.”

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