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New 50 Watt UV Black Light LED Fixture Sports Variable Beam Angles and Full Range Dimming

Published Sep 14, 2011
uv brickblaster

Please welcome the newest member of the BRICKBLASTER PRO family...The new ultra-compact, 4” cubed, 50 watt BRICKBLASTER PRO UV contains the newest LED technology and allows users to vary the output beam angle from 4 degrees (native) to 60 degrees (symmetrical). The fixture's variable beam angle makes it perfect for both long throw and close range applications; 60x1 asymmetrical beam angles are also available for wall grazing.  The fixture also allows for full speed 8 and 16 bit DMX512 dimming and standalone control (without a DMX source) via a rear mounted full text LCD display.

The BRICKBLASTER PRO UV utilizes a custom dichroic glass filter to cut visible unwanted light and allows users to generate high impact blacklight effects while retaining all of the benefits of LED technology - including low power consumption, small form factor, long and maintenance-free life span, low heat dissipation and dimmable output. The UV is the first professional grade UV LED fixture capable of replacing large, non-dimmable, power hungry, high temperature iron-arc and gas discharge lamp fixtures common in the industry. 

The fixture is ideal for:

  • Architainment
  • Themed environment 
  • Nightclubs
  • Theatrical applications

Similar to the rest of the BRICKBLASTER PRO family, the UV can be ganged in linear arrays, suspended using its standard single yoke, mounted directly to 120VAC track (Halo, Juno, Lightolier and LSI) or by removing the yoke, it can be built directly into set pieces or placed discretely out of the public view.  The enclosure can be powder coated, custom painted or anodized in a variety of colors, allowing it to seamlessly fit into theatrical sets, themed environments or in the direct view of the audience.

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