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Martin Wizard Gets Extreme

Published Dec 6, 2004

The lighting industry’s well-loved magical mid-air performer, Martin’s Wizard effect light, has been updated with a new set of enchanting gobo patterns, stunningly brilliant reflection and improved focus control.

New gobo designs add a fresh touch to both midair and projection effects while powerful, new reflectors project the total force of the new Wizard Extreme. With up to 20% more reflection from its parabolic mirrors, the Wizard Extreme is unmatched in its brilliance.

The Wizard Extreme is a ‘full house’ club effect powerful enough to fill the largest venues with a dazzling display of effects and personality, ideal for any installation or event, large or small. An explosion of color and light from more than 80 colorful gobo beams makes it versatile enough for a variety of settings; clubs, touring events, TV studios, mobile DJs, the Wizard Extreme will transform them all.

The Wizard Extreme is DMX-intelligent and features a 7-color wheel, a gobo wheel with 13 stunning patterns (3 now with dichroic reflectors) and a separate shutter for fast strobing. Split color and twinkle effects are also possible. Also included are 12 spectacular macros for fast access to the Wizard’s myriad of effects - ideal when fast yet impressive programming of lightshows is needed. An optional multi-coupler is available to create a powerful centerpiece for a total light and effect bombardment.

Designed for minimal maintenance and low operational costs, the Wizard Extreme houses a high-output 250-watt discharge lamp with a 2000-hour life. Martin has broadened the Wizard’s extraordinary ease of use with effortless lamp adjustments (no tools necessary), and a fan that can be removed for easy cleaning. Plus, a new built-in handle makes life easier for transportation and installation.

The Wizard has been the master of tricks in countless nightclubs and venues around the world for years. Now, with a thorough update, the new Wizard Extreme is even more enchanting.

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