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Martin ShowDesigner Gold and Silver

Published Sep 30, 2004

Popular lighting design visualizer now available in two versions

Martin ShowDesigner Gold and Silver-Body-2

Martin ShowDesigner (MSD), Martin Professional’s lighting and set design software package, now comes in two versions. An all inclusive MSD Gold version contains new features such as Live Video inputs and Fast Net-Render, while a streamlined Silver version is customized for those who do not need the full package of options yet still want to take advantage of the latest in lighting design software.

MSD is Martin’s unique and user-friendly lighting and set design software package, useful in developing realistic 3-D lighting simulations. Brilliant as a high quality production or sales presentation tool, MSD allows you to create realistic set and lighting design renderings using reflection, transparency, lighting, shadow and smoke.

Martin ShowDesigner Gold and Silver-Body

Working closely with an array of lighting professionals from both the architectural and entertainment industry, feedback revealed a market need for a streamlined version of MSD. Martin therefore placed the key elements of the MSD software in MSD Silver while the more advanced features such as Rendering and the Off-Line Visualizer module are found in MSD Gold. In separating the full Gold package from the essential Silver, Martin gives users the choice of getting exactly what they require.

MSD Gold

The new Gold version offers exciting new features such as:

  • Live Video feed input for the 3D Visualizer, which allows live video signals to be incorporated into a visualization screen and used as users program. With the increasing unification of lighting and video, and the incorporation of video media servers into many shows, this is a fantastic tool for any lighting designer who uses video in their productions.
  • Fast Net-Render, which allows multiple computers to be linked to share the rendering process for large files, reducing the time required to produce beautiful rendered images.

MSD Silver

MSD Silver is a streamlined edition of the Gold version, containing a selection of the design components of MSD Gold. It is therefore geared towards users who do not require the full package of options or who have budget constraints yet still want to take advantage of the latest in lighting design software. At any time, a user with a Silver version of MSD can upgrade to the Gold version, giving them the full arsenal of features that are available.

MSD Silver is also the perfect package for those LightJockey users who like to build scenes for the LightJockey 3D Vizualiser, giving them increased functionality when programming and running their lighting designs. There is also great news for all Maxxyz owners as MSD Silver comes included with the Maxxyz lighting controller. For current MSD version 4.x users, the upgrade to MSD Gold is straightforward and free from www.lighthouse.nl

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