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Martin Professional @ PLASA 2008

Published Aug 16, 2008

Something’s cooking at the Martin stand (G57) at PLASA 2008 – and it’s hot!


Martin Professional will be heralding a new era in moving head performance at this year’s PLASA exhibition with two 1500 W luminaires in the award-winning MAC range; the MAC III Profile™, the first product in Martin’s third generation of MAC moving heads, with enhanced design, optical efficiency, color mixing, and much more; and the MAC 2000 Wash XB™, an extra bright version of the industry standard MAC 2000 Wash™.

Also on display will be EvenLED™, a modular LED system for extremely even field projection; new hazers in the Jem and Magnum lines; and several new products and product updates in Martin’s controller range. Martin will also show the Exterior 1200 Image Projector™ and new indoor and outdoor LED luminaires.

MAC III Profile™: The MAC III Profile™ is the first product in Martin’s third generation of award-winning MAC moving heads. It features an exceptional and perfectly balanced package of performance features, such as outstanding color mixing with a broader color range plus deeper more vibrant hues, a fat beam look with great beam definition, up to 75% more output than current 1200 W profile fixtures, wide zoom range, new gobos, animation effects, very fast effects and movements and low noise cooling. The MAC III also takes modularity one step further, making it very service friendly and improving overall fixture reliability.

MAC 2000 Wash XB™: The industry’s most loved wash light is now even brighter. Using a 1500 W lamp the MAC 2000 Wash XB™ kicks out over 60,000 lumens of power to make it 40% brighter than its MAC 2000 Wash™ brethren. New efficient fans, ballast and starter combine with tried and trusted MAC 2000 modularity, optics and effects to produce the most advanced wash light on the market - all housed in the same compact MAC 2000 design.

MAC 2000 Wash XB™ Upgrade Kit: An upgrade kit is available that easily brings existing MAC 2000 Wash fixtures to the XB level of performance. The Upgrade Kit includes a new 1500 W lamp, lamp socket module, electronic ballast, starter, heat filter, fans for more efficient cooling, color mixing module, base cover plates with new logo plus other minor parts.

EvenLED™: EvenLED™ is a panel of high powered 6-watt RGB LEDs used to back-project a completely even field of light over a projection surface. Each color features smooth 16 bit resolution and waves or gradation of color across a surface is easily achieved. This modular system has many advantages over traditional cyclorama lighting including greater evenness of field and a longer operational life time. Power consumption is less as well with less heat generated. EvenLED is totally convection cooled for silent operation (no fans) and is exceptionally service-friendly.

Magnum 2500 Hz™: The Magnum 2500 Hz™ offers plug-and-play haze with easy use and high performance. With a 900 W heat exchanger, the Magnum 2500 Hz™ is the ideal choice for DJs, or when haze is needed in smaller venues, clubs, and bars. With a large fluid container and optional DMX, the Magnum 2500 Hz™ is ideal for installations.

Jem K1 Hazer™: The Jem K1 Hazer™ is Martin’s new generation, top-of-the line hazer for high performance applications where great reliability and serviceability is required. Feature-rich and a solid investment, the Jem K1 Hazer™ offers substantially optimized fluid consumption and is perfect for rental houses supplying shows, installations in clubs and bars, and for TV studios and the theatre.

Exterior 1200 Image Projector™: Designed for night-time environments with emotional impact, the Exterior 1200 Image Projector™ brings new elements of drama to outdoor illumination: effects projection and animation. This powerful 1200 W luminaire houses a CMY color mixing system, color wheel and effects animation system for a full array of color and effect options.

Exterior 200 LED™: The Exterior 200 LED™ is a long-life programmable luminaire offering full RGB + Amber and White color mixing. Weatherproofed for the dynamic illumination of outdoor architecture, it features a comprehensive color range from 44 high power LEDs and choice of optional spread angles. Housed in a beautifully designed casing, the Exterior 200 LED is perfect for applications where projection distance is limited and is the ideal short-throw complement to the existing Martin Exterior range.

Extube™: The Extube™ Series is a modular system of linear LED luminaires designed for dynamic illumination of facades, bridges and structures. With RGB+W color mixing and a choice of opaque lenses, Extube™ is ideal for floodlighting, wall-grazing or creating continuous decorative lines of color. Mounting and connectivity are made easy for quick installation and the fixture is weatherproof rated at IP65. Extube is light weight and comes in a 30 cm (1 ft) or 120 cm (4 ft) version.

Alien LED Downlight™: This range of recessed LED downlights features RGB+W color mixing and is available in a regular or high power version. Designed for accent lighting in colored or variable white light, the Alien LED Downlight’s™ IP67 rating means it’s equally suited to both indoor and outdoor environments. It can be mounted on walls or ceilings and is ideal for expressive background lighting in restaurants, cafés, bars, small clubs and lounges.

Controller News:

Maxxyz Compact™: This compact version in the Maxxyz™ controller range offers full Maxxyz™ functionality in a modular, mid-sized design at a very competitive price. Four modules - Cerebrum, Programmer and two 5 fader playback sections – make for a complete stand-alone, embedded and shielded computer system, offering the ability to control up to 32 DMX Universes. Four Universes are included and more are easily achieved at a low cost over Artnet or the Universal USB-DMX device.

Maxxyz™ Modules: The Maxxyz™ Modules allow users to design their own console. Based on the modular design of the Maxxyz Compact™, a new range of stand alone modules has been developed to complement the Maxxyz™ system. These new modules allow for customization of the Maxxyz™ around the user and the specific control demands of a show. Five innovative modules are available to build a custom console or to be used with Maxxyz PC™, Maxxyz™ or Maxxyz Compact™ and all of them can be used table-top, mounted in a 19” rack system or in the new Maxxyz™ Module Frame.

- Cerebrum: The heart of the system contains an embedded processer, a 12” touch-screen and two master faders. A single Cerebrum module supports 32 Universes of Artnet over the included RJ45 connection.

- Programmer Module: Based on the Maxxyz Compact™, this module allows access to all programming tasks of the Maxxyz™ system. It contains a numerical keypad, command keys, 5 Encoder belts and several LCD buttons which change labels based on user interaction for fast and intuitive operation.

- Playback Module: Ten motorized faders are available for immediate access to the show. Utilizing the same layout as the Maxxyz Compact™ playbacks, each Module offers two assignable buttons, an LCD button and a dedicated flash button. Also each Playback Module contains a Main Go section.

- Submaster Module: Offering numerous control options, the Submaster Module has 24 simple, non-motorized faders arranged in banks of six. Two LCD screens are integrated for labeling - no tape required.

- Button Module: This flexible multi-purpose module offers three rows of control combining 10 LCD and 10 flash buttons in each. They can be utilized for many functions of the Maxxyz software. Each row can be customized to support fixture selection, groups, presets and of course playbacks. The Button Module saves time during programming and gives more direct access to the show during playback.

Ether2DMX8™: This new version of Martin’s popular Ether2DMX™ now has eight bidirectional DMX ports that can be configured as DMX in or out. It is fully Artnet compatible and ACN and RDM ready. With a 500MHZ processor and custom software, the device is designed to handle large Artnet systems without delays. Any DMX input can be merged to any output with LTP or HTP support. Additional support for future functionality is available through USB ports, a VGA port and keyboard and mouse connections.

Martin ShowDesigner 5™: Based on an exhaustive rebuild, the Martin ShowDesigner 5™ (MSD 5) displays fixture beams and effects like never before. Optimized for DirectX 9 and 10, this new version generates real-time images previously only achievable via a long rendering process; real-time shadow, real-life light distribution, animated smoke, smooth camera displacement, and HD 1080p video creation. MSD 5 also features a completely new user interface that simplifies workflow.

Maxedia Broadcast™: This latest generation of Maxedia hardware is ready to take on the increased demand for high definition playback up to 1080p. With a fast RAID hard drive system, Quad Core Processing and two graphics cards which each support a Maxedia engine output. Each of these outputs can be expanded with an external TripleHead2Go™ unit from Matrox for a total of 6 outputs, which can be edge-blended for multi-screen applications with projectors. It allows two independent rendering engines. SDI input is standard in the Maxedia Broadcast™ and close to one terrabyte of disk space is available to handle the largest shows. Maxedia Broadcast has the same intuitive graphical user interface as other Maxedia™ systems and can be networked with them as well. All Maxedia™ products now support thumbnail exchange with Maxxyz™ and other third party controllers over the public CITP protocol.

Maxedia Compact Rackmount™: Now in a rackmount version, this two unit system of the Maxedia Compact™ adds analog video input and includes two universal DMX ports. The graphics cards and all other hardware have received an upgrade with the latest technology, and it offers the same removable disk drive tray as other Maxedias™. Maxedia Compact™ is the perfect solution for intuitive video playback and composing for installations, retail and nightclubs. All control is available over a customizable touch-screen interface without the need for a lighting console. It also supports 32 Universes of RGB pixelmapping to drive large LED arrays.

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