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Martin @ Pro Light and Sound 2007

Published Mar 23, 2007

Martin Professional heads to Pro Light and Sound 2007 in Frankfurt with an abundance of new and exciting lighting and fog effects, including a number of company firsts. On display at the Martin stand (Hall 9.0, Walkway B, Stand 35) will be an 80 V version of the company’s first Tungsten lighting fixture, the MAC TW1, as well as the first fixtures in a new LED product range. Another first is a compact and feature-rich laser unit, the RGB Laser 1.6. New Mania series effect lights will also feature. On the control side Martin will be showing a new software version of the popular Maxxyz console, Maxxyz 2.0, as well as a compact version of the Maxedia Digital Media Composer. Two new highly intuitive control interfaces will also feature - Color Fox and Light Fox. Jem smoke will be showing a number of new products in its extensive Jem and Magnum product lines and Martin Architectural will feature new luminaires in its successful and growing IP65 rated Exterior and Cyclo lines.

MAC TW1: The MAC TW1 is now available with a new breed of 80 V lamp that offers a far brighter output to traditional mains voltage lamps. The MAC TW1 is a 1200 W Tungsten wash fixture that brings to the stage avant-garde features and patent pending technology to equip the lighting designer with the broadest possibility of effects, colors and design. A twin lens zoom system, full CMY color mixing and choice of internal or external electronic dimming are contained in a sturdy magnesium structure that allows the fast and silent convection of heat away from the back of the fixture.

Stagebar 54: The Stagebar 54 is a bright, high efficiency LED pixel bar with RGB, Amber and White color mixing (RGBAW) for a broader color spectrum and greater range of pastel shades than other LED lights in its class. It functions as a pixel bar for displaying imagery and video or as a wash luminaire for floodlighting surfaces and stages. Each pixel is color calibrated to a standard factory setting to guarantee LED color consistency. Light output is constant, regardless of ambient temperatures, and lens options give greater flexibility for a wider variety of application. Mounting, connectivity and serviceability are all made easy, ensuring the fixture’s long term performance. Industry standard DMX 512 controllable with HSI (Hue, Saturation, Intensity) control, Stagebar 54 is light weight yet built to withstand the rigors of the touring market. It comes in a small or large version.

LED Video Screens: Martin now offers a semi-transparent, modular system of LED panels, perfect for displaying film, digital images and graphics. Useful in a wide variety of applications - and specially prepared for TV studios due to the (Genlock) feature - no cumbersome external power supplies are necessary as each unit features a direct power in and power out connector. Each unit contains a switch mode power supply covering all worldwide voltages, so there is only need for one unit type anywhere you travel. In addition, the panels have direct in- and out-DVI connections for video signal with simple daisy chain capability. Light weight, yet with a tough construction built to withstand the rigors of the touring market, the panels are exceptionally service friendly. Easy to assemble, they come in a 2 x 1 or a 1 x 1 meter size.

Maxxyz 2.0: Martin Professional has released application software Version 2.0 for both the Maxxyz and Maxxyz PC controllers. Martin has also released Maxxyz OS (Operating System) 2.0. Version 2.0 software adds a host of useful features and feature updates to the Maxxyz controller range including a complete redesign of the Graphical User Interface, fixture cloning, an auto update feature, online help support, new menu system, hot keys keyboard shortcuts and much more.

Maxedia Compact: Offering a simple plug and play digital media solution for clubs and retail environments, Maxedia Compact defines the consumer level for the growing media server market. It offers Maxedia software in an attractive and small system designed for powerful video and animation playback and real time manipulation.

Color Fox: Color Fox is the world's first intuitive interface to dynamic light. Designed as a wall-mounted DMX touch panel, it is the ideal solution for any of Martin's architectural color-changing luminaires. A unique aspect of the Color Fox is its ability to handle and interface with any type of color-mixing system. The unique color management system can allow for combinations of various luminaire types - RGB fluorescent, LED, and CMY metal halide - and then coordinate between them for best color uniformity. Offering control of up to 100 individual fixtures (maximum of 512 channels), Color Fox’s software offers static and dynamic presets and lets users alter the hue, saturation and intensity of their surroundings.

Light Fox: Light Fox is an easy-to-use, wall-mounted, playback controller optimized for Martin’s range of Cyclo RGB+W fluorescent fixtures and StageBar 54 series but capable of controlling all types of RGBWA fixtures. Easy to install, up to 20 static or dynamic Presets can be recalled for simple and quick atmosphere adjustments. Intensity and speed are adjustable for instant mood manipulation.

RGB Laser 1.6: Martin innovation combines with a spectrum of deep saturated colors in a compact laser unit that revives the eighties obsession with laser effects. The DMX controllable Martin RGB Laser 1.6 is a unique and hassle-free Class 4 white light laser with balanced cool white that comes in an extremely compact housing – unique for a laser with such power and speed. With simple plug-and-play operations, software package included, hundreds of pre-installed effects, and a cooling system that eliminates the need for expensive and bulky water cooling, the RGB Laser 1.6 is all about performance made easy.

Mania EFX700: The Mania EFX700 is a stunningly visual, high powered 150 W discharge effect light - a dazzling flower effect with an array of vibrant colors, 12 cool new gobo designs, mechanical dimmer, separate shutter for fast strobe effect, and 12 pre programmed macros to keep the dance floor jumping. Astoundingly bright for a 150W discharge effect, the Mania EFX700 casts an impressive and widely dispersed display of aerial effects from a rotating parabolic mirror dish.

Mania EFX800: The Mania EFX800 is a 150 W discharge effect light - a broad sweeping flower effect punched through a rotating glass color paddle. The light output has an amazing 170 degree spread - wider than any flower effect light in its class, which means you can cover more space with fewer fixtures. The EFX800 houses a separate gobo wheel with 12 gobos, rotating parabolic mirror dish, mechanical dimmer, separate shutter for fast strobe effect and 12 pre programmed macros.

Jem Roadie Compact: Martin’s industry standard Jem Roadie X-Stream is now available in a high output compact version. Based around the same principles as its big brother, the rugged Roadie Compact features dual, high-output 1.5K W heat exchangers in a powerful fog unit designed for venues that need instant fog or haze coverage of large areas. Capable of casting a variety of effects, the Roadie Compact is DMX controllable and comes with on board controls, remote control, 9.5 liter fluid capacity and more.

Magnum 1200: Featuring the power of an 850 W heat exchanger with 2.3 liter fluid capacity, the aesthetically designed Magnum 1200 delivers an even and heavy punch of fog to any nightclub, bar or special event. Continuously operating and daisy chain capable, the Magnum 1200 is tough and rugged enough to meet the demands of any nightclub. Supplied with remote control, options include a DMX module, timer and output level remote, and flying bracket.

Magnum 1800: The Magnum 1800 is a high-power fogger suitable for any installation or special event where a rugged yet flexible fog machine is required. Featuring an attractive housing that makes it ideal for any club or rental application, the Magnum 1800 is powered by a 1,150 W heat exchanger while a large 3.8 liter fluid capacity (1 US gallon) provides the capacity for long runs. Continuously operating and daisy chain capable, the Magnum 1800 includes a hand-held timer, output level remote and DMX as standard. Options include a flying-bracket.

Exterior 1200 Wash: The Exterior 1200 Wash is the newest addition to Martin Architectural’s Exterior range of outdoor luminaires. Its powerful 1200 W lamp and full range color mixing system with additional four-color wheel make it ideal for dynamic illumination of tall structures, high-rises or any high-visibility architecture. A full range of varying beam angles from 7° to 19° or 12° to 29° provides designers with several options for achieving even and accurate illumination. Intensity control is 0-100%.

Cyclo IP65 Directional: Weatherproofed for dynamic outdoor illumination of facades, structures or signage, the Cyclo IP65 Directional is a fluorescent linear luminaire designed to uniformly wash surfaces in color and variable white light. The slim linear design and excellent optical performance are based on RGB and white T5 tubes. The optical module is directional and provides seamless color mixing within the main reflector.

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