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MArtin Mania DC1

Published Dec 8, 2003

The Mania DC1 is the first deco effect in the Martin series of Mania DJ lights. Ideal for shows, clubs or simply your own personal party, it projects brilliant decorative fluid effects to wash liquid light through the crowd, the lounge, across walls and over bars.

With three selectable colors plus white, the DC1 gives you split color options for a truly awesome mix. A variable focus also allows you to frost and blur the projected image while a variable speed of effect gives you the option of ranging moods - from a silent trickle to a surging waterfall.

MArtin Mania DC1-Body

Best of all is the Mania DC1’s incredible capacity for stamina. Unlike most lighting fixtures on the market the DC1 has no duty cycle, which means there are no cool down periods and no stopping the show.

Utilizing the know-how of the total Martin experience, from lighting clubs to stadium concerts, in the Mania DC1 our R&D team have put together a fixture that not only out-prices its peers, but outshines them in brightness, clarity and functionality.

Mania may be inexpensive, but it certainly doesn’t look it. With an attractive and innovative product design, eye-catching packaging, in-house display units, cool literature and more, Mania is poised to win over the hearts and minds of new and more established DJ’s alike.

Mania comes in a durable yet stylish symmetrical housing complete with hanging bracket that also serves as a carrying handle. Attractive to the eye, trendy graphics complete the cool look.

Mania will appeal to the independent music lovers who crave innovation and uniqueness at a good price - DJs, musicians, partygoers, concertgoers, clubbers – and is designed for wherever people want to have fun - dancefloors, concerts, weddings, or just a home party. It is available through Martin’s extensive distribution and dealer network, but you will also be able to find it in your local neighborhood music shop.

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