Dec 7, 2023

Martin Magnum 1500 Flexible Fog Generator

Published May 5, 2006

The Martin Magnum name continues its reputation as a benchmark for top quality foggers with the new Magnum 1500.


The Magnum 1500 is a portable yet powerful fog generator for clubs, DJs and performers of all types. As a little brother to the long-time industry workhorse Magnum 2000, the Magnum 1500 features a robust 1200W (240V) heater that delivers impressive output for a portable machine.


Housed in a sturdy compact casing and featuring the popular Martin Mania series design, it is the perfect complement to the growing Mania DJ/performer line of effect lights, color changers, deco effects, strobe lights, scanners and promotional lights. Useful as a full fog or light enhancing effect, the Magnum 1500’s 2.3 liter fluid capacity gives impressively long run times.


The Magnum 1500 comes with a flying bracket as standard and an innovative 180 degree “Flip Solution” allows for versatile positioning for precise horizontal or more vertical projection. It comes complete with a truss mounting bracket for easy installation. The bracket also works as a handle to suit all mobile and fixed installations.


The Magnum 1500 includes remote control with variable output as well as a timer function for greater effect regulation. To control the unit from any DMX desk, an optional DMX interface is available and easy to install.


Based on proven technology and built from rugged components, the competitively priced Magnum 1500 houses state-of-the-art digital electronics and is designed for years of reliable service.

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