Sep 27, 2023

Martin Light Fox™ the Simple Color Control Solution

Published Nov 27, 2007

Martin Professional introduces Light Fox, a simple and inexpensive interface for control of color changing luminaires in fixed installations. Light Fox is an easy-to-use, wall-mounted, playback controller optimized for Martin’s range of fluorescent Cyclo™, LED Extube™ and LED Stagebar™ luminaires but capable of controlling all types of RGBW fixtures.


Straightforward color control
Easy to understand and use, Light Fox comes with 20 pre-programmed scenes - static colors or color changing - optimized for Martin’s range of Cyclo, Extube and Stagebar luminaires. Anyone can easily connect the controller and run programs for quick atmosphere adjustments. Light intensity is also adjustable for instant mood manipulation.

The lighting presets are pre-programmed to achieve market-useful lighting looks with smooth cross-fades between presets. Free-for-download Design Fox software ( allows for easy re-programming of presets. DMX communicable if needed, Light Fox can mange up to eight groups of individual fixture types with a maximum of 512 channels.

Discreet ease
Light Fox is easily attached to any wall or mounting structure. Its discreet and attractive design allows it to integrate seamlessly into any architecture. Light Fox features a back-lit ON/OFF button for easy identification in the dark and easy-to-use Intensity UP/DOWN and preset UP/DOWN buttons. It also includes an infrared sensor for convenient remote control operation.

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