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Martin Launches All-Purpose Magnum 650

Published Sep 9, 2007

The Magnum 650 is the latest fogger in Martin’s Magnum line of high quality, high value fog effects. Featuring a new and attractive design that begs to be seen, the Magnum 650 encompasses what the Magnum range is all about; state-of-the-art technology, high quality and ruggedness.

The Magnum 650 repackages the Magnum 550 in a new and smart design. Housed in a compact, professional body, the Magnum 650 is a simple fog solution for the mobile DJ, music professional, bar operator or any venue where an atmosphere enhancing effect is needed. The Magnum 650’s surprisingly powerful 600W heat exchanger works with a high quality piston pump to kick out a stream of dense, white fog.

The Magnum 650 provides a perfect light enhancing atmosphere for today’s more sophisticated intelligent light shows. Housing a 600W ECO-Mass Vaporizing System for economical and even distribution of fog, with fast heat-up time and extended operation, the economically priced Magnum 650 is the clear leader in its class.

Supplied with a remote control and featuring the same machine-saving over heat protection as Martin’s professional range, the rugged Magnum 650 will provide years of maintenance-free operation.

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