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Martin Expands Magnum Range with Sleek 1200 and 1800 Foggers

Published Apr 23, 2007

Martin Professional introduces two new foggers in its expanding Magnum range of durable fog machines. Tough enough to meet the demands of any nightclub or special event, and ideal for DJs and performers of all types, the Magnum 1200 and Magnum 1800 foggers feature an all new, sleek design.

Not only do these new foggers look great, they also contain a number of well thought-out features like a remote control storage compartment, rugged aluminum handle, easy accessibility for quick service, and large fluid containers for long runs. Also included is a new timer remote control to accurately set both fog output and on and off timing.

Soft start electronics give a smooth, low-noise output at the low end while operation is continuous at reduced output levels. Both machines are also daisy chain capable. A lid-up fluid container is included to easily view low fluid levels even when the machine is placed in a dark corner. Furthermore, the fluid bottle and fluid line are hidden to prevent possible breakage.

Magnum 1200

Featuring the power of an 850 W heat exchanger, the aesthetically designed Magnum 1200 delivers an even and heavy punch of fog. Conveniently portable yet powerful enough to meet the demands of any venue, and attractive enough to complement any rig, the Magnum 1200’s 2.3 liter fluid capacity gives impressively long run times. Housed in a sturdy compact casing, it is useful as a full fog or light enhancing effect. The Magnum 1200 houses state-of-the-art digital electronics and is designed for years of reliable service. Options include a DMX module and hanging bracket.

Magnum 1800

The Magnum 1800 is a high-power fogger suitable for any installation or special event where a rugged yet flexible fog machine is required. Featuring an attractive housing that makes it ideal for any club or installation, the Magnum 1800 is powered by a 1,150 W heat exchanger while a large 3.8 liter fluid capacity (1 US gallon) provides the capacity for long runs. Housed in a sturdy compact casing, it is useful as a full fog or light enhancing effect. The Magnum 1800 houses state-of-the-art digital electronics and features DMX as standard with optional hanging bracket.

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