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Martin Ether2DMX

Published Aug 6, 2004

Increases Maxxyz DMX universes, places universes remotely, and more

The Martin Ether2DMX allows users to increase the number of Maxxyz DMX universes and/or easily place DMX universes remotely on any TCP/IP Ethernet network.

The Ether2DMX is useful for the following applications:

1. Extend the number of DMX universes of the Maxxyz console. Every Ether2DMX box extends the number of universes by four. A maximum of 32 universes can therefore be reached.

2. Place your Maxxyz universes remotely. By using the Ether2DMX your DMX universes can be placed at a remote location, connected to the Maxxyz by a single Ethernet line (RJ45).

3. Extend the number of DMX inputs or have DMX inputs placed at a remote location.

4. Use it as an output device for the upcoming Maxxyz PC.

5. Use it as an input device for Martin ShowDesigner (MSD). Simply connect the Ether2DMX router to your MSD computer and use it as the input device for the Offline Visualizer.

6. The Ether2DMX box uses the Artnet protocol and can therefore be used to interface with any third party product that can interface with Artnet.

Martin Ether2DMX-Body

When using additional Ether2DMX routers a switch must be employed to split up the Ethernet connection. A rack mount RJ45 Neutrix switch will be available soon, but any normal Ethernet switch can be used.

Neutrix RJ45 cables will also be available soon, but any RJ45 cat 5 can be used to interconnect the Ether2DMX router with the Maxxyz or a computer.

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