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Martin Egolution goes DMX with Ego X4

Published Oct 2, 2004

One-of-a-kind DMX controllable flower effect latest in Martin DJ collector range


The Martin Egolution is gaining momentum…and DMX control.


Martin has added to its Ego collector range of DJ effects with the Ego X4, a DMX controllable egolutionary flower effect that projects razor sharp graphics and brilliant new gobo designs to add uniqueness to the DJ light show.


This highly individual 250-watt effect houses a combined color/gobo wheel and features new radical gobo designs unlike any other effect light. Top quality projection optics combine with a precise manual focus adjustment to produce extremely sharp, detailed projections.


Besides the benefits of customized DMX control, the Ego X4 can operate in either auto or music trig mode. In trig mode variable behavior tuning allows DJs to adjust how aggressively the effect reacts to music. A remote control is also available.


The Ego X4’s cool, composite design houses a powerful 250-watt, 1000-hour halogen lamp. Combined with a bidirectional parabolic reflector with highly reflective mirrors, projection is exceptionally bright.


Variable strobe effect, 0–100% digital dimming, and variable effect speeds on both the parabolic reflector and the color/gobo wheel rotation add to a DJ’s repertoire of effects.


Like the other members of the Ego family, the Ego X4 is both lightweight and highly portable with a rugged, composite design that looks great in any rig. A convenient handle and lens protection ring makes for easy transport and handling, and a switch mode power supply makes set up even more straightforward, meaning you can take your Ego around the world. A special Ego carrying bag is also available which will hold two fixtures.


The DMX controllable Ego X4 is the perfect portable effect light for DJs and a good fit in larger clubs and entertainment venues as well. The latest in a genuine DJ collector range, now there are even more possibilities to mix and match.


Visit for more information on the complete Ego series, and look for more lights in the Ego series to come.

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