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Published Aug 15, 2015
Gesture Spot 500
Marq Gesture Spot 500

Marq Lighting, a brand new player in the dynamic entertainment lighting industry, today announced the introduction of their exciting initial product line-up, consisting of a wide-ranging mix of performance lighting, lighting controllers and accessories. Over a dozen new products will be on display at DJ Expo, with more than double that coming in before the end of the year.

Seeing a huge unfulfilled need in the market for a comprehensive high-performance line of entertainment lighting— but a line that is not overwhelmingly large and confusing—Marq offers a streamlined yet complete array of products of exceptional value without the confusing, overlapping model redundancies common to other suppliers.

Marq Lighting is a completely new, independent brand that is owned by music industry powerhouse inMusic Brands, Inc. InMusic engineers, manufactures and markets twelve different brands of music equipment and software, including such important and influential lines as Denon DJ premium music equipment, Akai Professional keyboards and M-Audio professional audio recording/performance equipment, among others. What sets Marq Lighting apart from other lighting companies is that it was born from this distinguished pedigree of top-level in-house engineering and precise, targeted product development.

Marq covers the bases with multiple SKUs of innovative lighting and accessories that more than satisfy the professional’s requirement for entertainment and performance lighting in the following categories:

1.       Moving Heads

2.       Wash & PARs

3.       Gobo Projectors

4.       Packages

5.       Atmospheric, with Fog and Haze machines

6.       Spotlighting

7.       Backlight/UV

8.       Lasers

9.       Strobes

10.   Outdoor/IP Rated

11.   Scanners

12.   Effects

13.   Controllers

14.   Wireless Control

15.   Battery Powered

16.   Accessories

“We’re very excited to be introducing this comprehensive line of top-flight professional entertainment and performance lighting products. Dealers have been asking for a full line that hits the target—right on the “Marq”—with premium products that also offer tremendous value,” said Todd Runkle, Product Manager for Marq Lighting. “Our focus is squarely and actively on the user experience, with simple, consistent, clear menus. Plus, we have the ability for unique scalable expansion of the line in response to our customers’ needs. This is a line that’s going to re-write the book on DJ lighting.”

Marq Lighting products will be available nationwide in Fall 2015, with retail pricing ranging from $39.99 to $929.99.

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