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MAC 250 Wash Completes Martin MAC 250 Series

Published Apr 19, 2005

Martin Professional has added a Fresnel version to its new MAC 250 Series of moving heads, the MAC 250 Wash. The MAC 250 Wash joins the previously released MAC 250 Krypton and full-featured MAC 250 Entour profile spots to complete the new generation MAC 250 Series.

The MAC 250 Wash has been designed for environments where powerful colorwash effects are required from a compact 250-watt Fresnel moving head such as touring and special event applications, television studios, club installations, and retail and leisure environments.


Equipped with important advancements like remarkably efficient reflector technology for greater output, extraordinarily fast and quiet movement, a variable frost filter for zoom effect and a CMY color mixing system with a complementing color wheel, the MAC 250 Wash is the perfect accompaniment to the Krypton and Entour. And like the Krypton and Entour, the driving force behind this new luminaire is the world leading technology and efficient design of the MAC 2000.


Glass Reflector and Optics

An extremely effective, multi-layered, dichroic reflector gives the MAC 250 Wash an exceptional output – surpassing its competitive peers using condenser based optical systems. Using the industry standard long-life, Philips MSD 250/2 discharge lamp (included) and the standard Fresnel lens, the MAC 250 Wash splashes out light onto a wide area (19o- 35o) with a great uniformity of coverage. For added flexibility, a simple change to a 59o diffuser lens (included) makes wide beam angles possible (52o - 66o).


CMY Mixing System & Color Wheel

A CMY color mixing system provides nearly unlimited color choices while a separate 6 slot plus open color wheel complements with color correction and other filters. All color slots are replaceable and split colors are possible.


Zoom Effect

Zoom effect possibilities are provided by a variable frost filter. Smooth continuous transition from standard wash to flood creates the same zoom possibilities as conventional 1 and 2kW lights.


Dimmer and Shutter

An enhanced high resolution dimming system similar to the MAC 2000 provides remarkably smooth and even dimming, while a fast 20 Hz shutter for strobe effect is standard.

Silent and Speedy

Using the latest fan technology, the MAC 250 Wash is an exceptionally quiet fixture. The head and base contain temperature sensors to ensure that fan speeds are kept to a minimum; bringing noise levels right down to suit theater and TV studio applications. The MAC 250 Wash also has remarkable speed of movement in step with the new 250 family to ensure a well-choreographed show both on stage and truss.



The MAC 250 Wash is of course DMX512 controllable and comes equipped with both 3-pin and 5-pin XLR in/out sockets and a switchable power supply. The fixture is also totally compatible with future standards such as ACN or Ethernet-based protocol.


Modular Design and Easy Maintenance

Rugged yet stylish, the MAC 250 Wash’s modular housing makes service and maintenance simple with fast access to modules and critical components. A multi position, tilt lock mechanism is featured to permit easy maintenance and handling.


Like the MAC 250 Krypton and MAC 250 Entour, the MAC 250 Wash is built from the ground up for greater performance. Together, they make for extremely compatible and flexible lighting tools.

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