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Legend 250RX Moving Light Rocks

Published Mar 1, 2004

CHAUVET takes a giant leap forward, bringing economy to the mid-range line of automated lighting with the introduction of the Legend 250RX TM intelligent moving light. Now mobile DJs and smaller clubs can also afford elegance combined with the robustness of mid-range production class movers.

At the heart of Legend 250RX TM is the popular MSD 250-watt high intensity discharge lamp, widely used in upscale venues and production environments. A combination of interchangeable rotating gobos, dichroic colors, rotating prism and a shutter/dimmer douser offers the programmer wide latitude to create visually stimulating mid-air effects. The motorized focus mechanism assures image quality for presentations and stage backdrops. For the Picasso in you, the standard installed gobo set includes 3 glass gobo effects consisting of a multicolored “crush dichroic”, one single color dichroic gobo, a honeycomb textured glass effect and four specially selected metal gobos designed for beam shaping and movement while rotating. Five additional gobos are included -3 metal and 2 glass. The full range dimmer allows for smooth color, effect, and scene transitions by varying the intensity of the light output. The 3-facet prism is smooth and rotates at variable speeds, widening and adding individual effects to your gobo projection. Legend 250RX TM also features microstepping motors and 16-bit mirror resolution with speed control that meet stringent focus requirements.

In addition to its DMX control interface, Legend 250 RX TM also maintains the simple approach of Master/Slave operation with built in sound- to-light programs. These pre-programs are accessible via DMX and so is fixture reset. The (4-digit) LED readout allows the user to customize fixture settings such as the show mode (for stand-alone), pan/tilt inversion, reverse display, fixture hours, DMX address and reset fixture.
Rigging is a snap with its dedicated mounting system capable of adjustments to fit trussing of various widths. An eyebolt in the center allows attachment of a safety wire. Switchable 110/220 V MAP$1,299.99.

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