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Jem’s Mighty AF-2 Fan

Published Aug 25, 2005

Jem’s industry standard AF-1 has served the entertainment industry well as a multi-purpose fan for years, serving in clubs, studios and theatres, and on countless tours and events.

A more powerful version of the AF-1 Fan, the AF-2, has now hit the market. Employed in a variety of ways - projecting smoke over long distances, converting smoke to haze, producing wind effects, or keeping equipment like amp and dimmer racks cool, or performers themselves – the AF-2 is all about moving air, namely awesome output and power! In fact, it is nearly three times as powerful as the AF-1.

Besides increased power and airflow, the overall design has been enhanced to become even more state of the art. Like its predecessor, the AF-2 features DMX as standard (both 3 and 5 pin) and can also be remote controlled with features such as auto timer, speed/output control and 8x mode, which expands the time capability of the standard timer settings by multiples of eight.

The AF-2 can be easily truss mounted (the flying bracket is compatible with the Omega clamp system known from Martin fixtures) or floor positioned. For easy floor positioning an accessory ‘touring frame’ is the ideal option. The frame not only acts as extra protection, but also makes it easier to carry and move the fan around.

Useful in a variety of environments such as stage applications, theatres and theme parks, the AF-2 can be used alone or as part of a complete fog system by linking with other Jem machines for simultaneous operation between fan and smoke. It is an ideal way to convert a fogger into a hazer.

The AF-2 incorporates a very high quality sealed fan motor designed to withstand high condensation levels associated with close proximity to smoke, and an airflow lens ensures maximum directional throw. The fan casing is constructed from aluminum sheet to make it easy for one person to carry; weight has been limited to only 17kg.

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