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Jelly Globe Is Out Of This World

Published May 27, 2014
Jelly Globe

While ADJ’s latest addition to its popular Jelly Series is akin in some ways to the classic mirror ball, the transparent slow-rotating Jelly Globe is equipped with exciting modern technology and features exhilarating two-in-one effects.

ADJ has fitted out the futuristic fixture with two 3W RGB tri-LEDs, meaning the entire surface provides a vibrant, luminous glow effect from inside while an array of sharp, mesmerizing colored beams shoot out to provide pure lighting excitement for the audience. These beams scatter the walls and floor with intense patterns of color and can be enhanced when used in conjunction with fog or smoke as part of a DJ or club’s wider lightshow.  

The easy-to-use Jelly Globe produces fifteen sound activated beams that can change color and produce an LED strobe effect, making the fixture ideal for house parties and other intimate environments where a party atmosphere for young clientele is needed. With rotation of up to 5RPM, users can spin the fixture at varying speeds, depending on the event-type or music tempo, so the Jelly Globe is perfect for mobile entertainers who need an all-round effect which can be used at a multitude of events. What’s more, its modern look and unique effects also make it perfect for use in retail, adding glamour to otherwise bland rooms and providing a unique focal point for shoppers. For those needing to cover a large area, ADJ has designed the Jelly Globe to have a wide 330-degree beam spread as well as a tight beam angle, and multiple fixtures used in unison will enhance this far-reaching effect even further. 

With built-in pre-programmed lightshows, the Jelly Globe is easy to setup and users can just mount it, plug it in and turn it on to achieve immediate stunning effects. The fixture also operates at an extremely low heat level and will have no problem running all night; having been designed for continuous, long-lasting operation – making the Jelly Globe especially fitting for late-night bars or clubs. Compared to traditional mirror balls, the ADJ Jelly Globe is easily transportable and lightweight, and - with less chance of dropping this compact fixture and the limited amount of glass - the unit is not only practical but safe too.

“ADJ is always trying to reinvent what has gone before and with the Jelly Globe we’ve taken the idea of the classic disco ball, given it two-in-one effects, and in the process made both a more exciting and more practical fixture,” says Alfred Gonzales, national sales manager of ADJ USA. “The Jelly Globe is perfect for nightclubs and bars, mobile entertainers, and environments like house parties or private functions. By creating a transparent glowing surface and allowing sharp beams to shoot out, we’ve given users two effects in one.”

Installers, mobile entertainers and small bar or club owners alike will find that the ADJ Jelly Globe is perfect for every application; from house parties to clubs to retail – as well as being great value for money. With its unique two-in-one effects, low maintenance and ease of portability, the Jelly Globe really is the practical alternative to the mirror ball; offering a twenty-first century twist on an old-school lighting effect and bringing atmosphere and pure lighting excitement to any party in the process.

The Jelly Globe is available now from all local ADJ suppliers in the USA and is due to hit Europe later this month.

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