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Published Mar 10, 2013
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Chauvet, a leading manufacturer of LED lighting, announces the addition of two commanding new fixtures to the Intimidator™ series of powerful moving heads and scanners: Intimidator™ Spot Duo and Intimidator™ Spot LED 450.

Intimidator™ Spot Duo features two independently controllable moving heads mounted on a single, easy-to-rig bar.  Designed to meet the portability and flexibility needs of mobile entertainers, it easily mounts to truss and features a pass through hole with a built-in mount to slide onto most tripods and speaker stands. This allows you to mount Intimidator™ Spot Duo below the speaker, eliminating the need for an additional stand. Each moving head is fitted with a 10-watt LED and features separate color and gobo wheels, as well as pan and tilt functions, to maximize functionality and project a broad range of eye catching, mid-air effects. This high performance duo eliminates the need for programming and mimics the appearance of intricate programmed shows using 16 built-in programs. For customized looks, each head can be independently controlled using 10, 17 or 20 channels of DMX control. Intimidator™ Spot Duo is linkable with up to four other units to create large, synchronized light shows.

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The most powerful moving head spot in the impressive Intimidator™ series of intelligent LED lighting, the robust Intimidator™ Spot 450 LED boasts three 60-watt white LEDs and sharp optics to emit a powerful output and punch through ambient lighting. Perfect for nightclubs, small productions and mobile entertainers with large rigs, this feature-packed moving head includes separate color and gobo wheels for countless design options, as well as a rotating, 3-facet prism to split the beam, multiply the effect and cover larger areas. To simplify customization at any event or venue, an easy-access gobo door allows for quick gobo changes, while a motorized focus projects crisp, rotating gobos from almost any distance. Intimidator™ Spot LED 450 features a high-contrast LCD screen with a full text display to simplify navigation and provide easy access to built-in programs. For maximum control while maintaining easy programming, the fixture is equipped with 8 or 14 channels of DMX.

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