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Published May 30, 2012

CHAUVET®DJ, a leading manufacturer of LED lighting, announces the release of COLORbar™ SMD— a rugged, linear fixture capable of creating hypnotic, animated effects and projecting vibrant, large-area washes. COLORbar™ SMD is an ideal addition for mobile entertainers, clubs and on-camera events.

Powered by 648 tri-colored SMD LEDs, COLORbar™ SMD is a bright, road-ready fixture that combines toughness with intensity. Built-in automatic and sound-activated programs offer color mixing and project static colors and chase effects. COLORbar™ SMD features eight sections of individual control to offer pixel-mapping capabilities for custom light shows. Utilize ShowXpress™,  which features pixel control, to easily create dynamic chases, animations and strobe effects using a matrix of multiple units.

COLORbar™ SMD includes 3- and 5-pin DMX connections for installation flexibility, while a locking IEC plug secures the power cord in place. Save time running cables and easily build a COLORbar™ SMD matrix by power linking up to three units.

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