Nov 29, 2023

HARMAN’s Martin Professional RUSH MH 5 Profile Now Shipping

Published Nov 14, 2014

HARMAN’s Martin Professional today announced the immediate availability of the RUSH MH 5 Profile.

The RUSH MH 5 Profile is a compact and bright LED profile moving head with efficient optics to punch out a variety of effects and colors. With two color wheels, two gobo wheels and rotating prism the MH 5 Profile offers full effects in a super compact housing, making it perfect for DJs, bands, clubs, bars, cruise ships and installations where small footprint and low weight is critical.

“This highly anticipated fixture is fully CE and ETL compliant, which is a strong differentiator to non-certified products,” said Mark Buss, Product Manager for RUSH by Martin. "The RUSH MH 5 Profile has suffered a slight delay in reaching the market, as we wanted to ensure that all the necessary third party certifications were in place before shipping.”

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