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Green Thinking: CHAUVET at LDI 2007

Published Nov 23, 2007

The 2007 LDI trade show in Orlando, Florida could well have been renamed LED-I, with the energy-efficient diodes making a dramatic influx into the marketplace this year. Nowhere were LEDs more prominent than in the CHAUVET booth, which featured LED products exclusively in an effort to demonstrate how colorful “green” could be, and generated enough buzz to be awarded the Best in Show “Big Booth Award”.

Highlights of the award-winning booth included a ceiling illuminated in a ever-changing array of colors by CHAUVET COLORado™ 3, COLORado™ 6, and COLORado™ 1 units, a lounge setting complete with baby grand piano and plush seating, and a symmetrically split DV wall, pleasing multiple senses at once. In addition, CHAUVET highlighted many new products on interactive pedestals located around the perimeter of the booth, allowing passers-by to introduce themselves to new products in a hands-on environment.

The booth was a hit with industry professionals, including bassist Bobby Dahl of Poison, who stopped by to praise the COLORado™ 3 that went on tour with the rock supergroup this summer.

Realizing that not all customers can make the trip to LDI each year, CHAUVET is offering a web-based broadcast of the booth, which features live-recorded interviews about new products, overall video and pictures of the booth display, and show highlights. If you were unable to attend the show, catch the webcast, and see what garnered CHAUVET the award for “Best Big Booth” at LDI 2007.

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