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Global Truss SQ-CP1 All-in-One Mobile Rigging System

Published Aug 11, 2006

Now, mobile DJs can stay grounded while setting up their high-flying lighting systems. With the introduction of the new SQ-CP1 Mobile Crank-Up System, Global Truss America has made it possible for lighting users to keep their feet on the floor as they assemble professional-quality overhead rigs of hanging effects and fixtures.

The SQ-CP1 Mobile Crank-Up System is a cost-saving, all-in-one package that includes two square pieces of truss, the necessary support bars and two crank stands — everything you need to erect a fully loaded, stable rig without ever having to climb a ladder.

“You can stand there and hang your lights at eye level, then crank ’er up,” said Ken Kahn, general manager of Global Truss America. “That’s why crank stands make it so much easier to rig your lighting, especially if you’re a solo act. Plus, the SQ-CP1 Mobile Crank-Up System’s super-strong lightweight aluminum trussing is simple to assemble — no tools are required, and all the connector pins you need come included.”

The two 6.5' square sections of SQ-4112 truss go across the top of the rig. The STSB-005 Support Bars attach to the tops of the ST-132 Crank Stands and hold the truss securely in place. The entire SQ-CP1 Mobile Crank-Up System snaps together so quickly, one person can set it up in about 15 minutes.

Global Truss’ TUV-approved trussing is made from the high-strength 6082-T6 aluminum alloy, a durable and corrosion-resistant material used by the aviation industry. This alloy offers the highest tensile strength currently available and is three times lighter than steel, so the system components are incredibly durable yet easy to transport. The alloy is also easily finished, allowing Global Truss customers to special-order a variety of attractive colors and powder-coat finishes.

Like all Global Truss rigs, the SQ-CP1 Mobile Crank-Up System is extremely flexible, so you can expand and re-configure it for use at different venues. In fact, you can use the company’s full range of trussing products and conical connectors to build whatever structure your lighting system requires.

Each of the ST-132 Crank Stands is rated at 220 lbs., so the entire SQ-CP1 Mobile Crank-Up System can hold a maximum load of 440 lbs. — enough to include about four to six moving heads plus several plug-and-play lights. Since the stands are just 63" high at their lowest point, the average person can assemble the rig and crank it up to as high as 158" by raising each side a little bit at a time.

The STSB-005 Support Bars measure 120" wide by 95" high and have a diameter of 40mm. Their 18"-wide secure latches are adjustable from 4.5" to 16"/8".

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