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Global Truss America’s Quick Rig Clamps

Published Oct 13, 2013
GTA Clamp

Save Time and Labor while Enhancing Looks

Global Truss America’s new Quick Rig Clamps save precious setup time while offering a low profile design for high-end looks.  Best of all - they’re designed for simple attachment by a single installer.

To keep connection swift and simple, GTA’s Quick Rig Clamps offer a hook style design and self-locking system - making setup a snap even for a single person rigging lighting equipment onto trussing. These innovative products are the perfect fit for everyone from mobile entertainers who set up independently, to large productions eager to ease setup time and labor costs.  With only a single installer required to climb ladders and attach each light, Quick Rig Clamps can offer a significant cut in setup time, saving money on every project. 

The shallow-fitting clamp also provides a contemporary, professional look by holding lights closer to the trussing.  With less obvious gaps between truss and equipment, it’s easier to achieve a high-end look. 

“We’re always looking for new ways to make setup quicker, easier and safer for our customers,” said Ken Kahn, President of Global Truss America.  “GTA Quick Rig Clamps offer the perfect balance between simple setup and professional look with a TÜV rating – all of which can be handled by a lone installer.”

Quick Rig Clamps are available in standard aluminum and black powder coat finishes.   Designed to work with F31, F32, F33, F34 and F44P trusses, they fit trussing tube sized 48mm – 50mm.  The new clamps are TÜV approved by TÜV Saarland and hold a max load of 250 kgs (551 lbs).

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