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Global Truss America’s Glow Totem Sets

Published Apr 9, 2013
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Put More “Mobile” In Mobile DJ

Now DJs and mobile entertainers can add the sleek, professional look of trussing to their acts more conveniently than ever before. Global Truss America has introduced the Glow Totem Set, a new all-in-one mobile truss setup that packs down to less than half the size of standard square truss.

Consisting of 4 single trussing tubes, a base plate, a top plate and a lycra cover, the Glow Totem Set includes everything needed to create a clean, polished look. When the tubes are assembled and covered with the lycra truss cover, there’s no cross hatching, only a smooth, modern uplighting glow.  Add a battery powered ADJ Jelly or Mega GO par to uplight without the hassle of cords.

Setting and tearing down the Glow Totem is a snap.  Each totem takes only a few minutes to assemble, but holds strong all night.  Like all Global Truss America products, the Glow Totem is sturdy and durable; a sound investment for mobile DJs. 

When it’s time to pack the set away, the trussing will take up less than half the space of a square truss in the same height…which means DJs can easily pack twice as much trussing, instantly expanding their setup possibilities.

The Glow Totem Set includes the following:

•             4 x F31 Single tubes

•             1 base plate

•             1 top plate

•             1 lycra truss cover (sock)

The F31 single tubes are available in a variety of heights and the base and top plates also come in different sizes, allowing for a wide range of selection.  The new Glow Totem set is flexible enough to fit any DJ’s setup and take their look to the next level.

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