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Elation’s Upgraded Focus Spot 250R

Published Nov 4, 2005

In upgrading its popular Focus Spot 250 moving-head intelligent spotlight, Elation Professional has put an end to the inconvenience of having to climb around on high-flying trusses to change DMX settings manually.

With the introduction of the 250-watt Focus Spot 250R, featuring Remote DMX Addressing, lighting operators and professional DJs can now leave their ladders at home. Known as RDMX, this exciting breakthrough feature gives users the ability to change the Focus Spot 250R’s DMX values remotely, from any standard DMX console, without breaking a sweat or trekking up trussing.

“Remote DMX Addressing means that you no longer have to go to the fixture itself to modify its DMX values manually,” said John Lopez, sales manager for Elation Professional. “The Focus Spot 250R lets small clubs, theaters and lighting directors perform the exact same operation faster, safer and more easily from the convenience of their lighting board. Our RDMX technology makes life a whole lot easier for lighting operators everywhere and represents a major innovation in the marketplace for Elation.”

Equipped with 11 DMX channels, the Focus Spot 250R uses a wide array of colors and effects to put on a dazzling light show. Blasting out a radiant 250 watts of power, it features full 360-degree moving head rotation, yet it’s compact and affordable enough to meet the needs of the smaller rental market, modest-sized clubs and professional disc jockeys.

Measuring only 13”L x 13”W x 22”H, the Focus Spot 250R’s relatively small size is attributable, in part, to its innovative one-arm design. “Unlike most moving head fixtures which have two arms, the Focus Spot 250R’s clever design allows its yoke to rotate while requiring only one arm. As a result, we were able to make the fixture substantially smaller than the typical moving head spotlight,” explained Lopez.

“The bottom line is that with the Focus Spot 250R, lighting users get an ultra-bright professional moving head that’s much more compact and economical than you’d expect. And now with the addition of Remote DMX Addressing, it represents a greater value than ever.”

Certainly not “small” in the effects department, the Focus Spot 250R features 8 dichroic color filters plus white, and 6 rotating interchangeable indexable gobos plus spot. Three of the gobos are metal, two are dichroic glass and one is textured glass, providing for a stimulating mix of visual effects. The Focus Spot 250R also features a dazzling gobo shake effect, gobo scroll mode and continuous color.

A high-luminous-efficiency axial reflector and a double condenser lens system, combined with its 250-watt output, put the Focus Spot 250R on par with the brightest spotlights on the market. Other professional features include a 4-digit LED display, 19-degree beam angle for venues with low ceilings, stand-alone settings, mechanical dimming 0–100% and a variable speed strobe pulse effect.

Clubs and lighting directors who choose the Focus Spot 250R will also welcome the convenience of remote focusing via DMX. The unit is equipped with a motor-driven focus from near to far.

The Focus Spot 250R comes with a Phillips MSD250/2 250-watt discharge lamp with a 3,000 hour long life. It measures 13"L x 13"W x 22"H and weighs only 35 lbs. The manufacturer’s suggested retail price of the Focus Spot 250R is $1,599.95.

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